Friday, June 21, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. AND 3:15 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Session #1 – Passion to Profession: How to Make Blogging Profitable

Learn what skills and mindset are needed to move from travel writer to travel publisher. Ayngelina shares the 7 principles that have led to a profitable career in travel blogging. Attendees will learn from a real-world example as Ayngelina shares screenshots of her analytics, addresses questions about pricing, income and how to create paid content without conflicts in ethics.

Session #2 – The Secret Search Sauce: Demystifying SEO How to Target Your Desired Audience Online

Whether sharing your travel content as a destination, digital travel magazine, a travel writer, or as a travel youtuber, half the battle is ensuring that your content reaches your desired audience online. One big piece in that puzzle is demystifying SEO - Search Engine Optimization. In this session, delegates will gain understanding for how SEO works and how you can strategically craft and fine tune the content you are sharing online to reach your desired target audience. While there is no magic button to make your site SEO perfect at a click it takes works and research - attendees will learn to implement this themselves and / or understand what it is they are asking others to do.

Session #3 – Maximizing Your Impact after a Trip: ROI, Additional Ops You're Missing, and Cross Platform Publishing

Attendees will expand their understanding of the assets they gain on a media fam. They will be urged to move beyond the traditional “one trip, one published article” approach to understanding that any media fam creates an incredible menu of assets that can be used by the communicator in a number of ways. They will be shown how to think beyond their traditional media “box” to consider all the other opportunities to grow their impact and influence.

Session #4 – The Press Trip Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Press trip

Expand and dissect the other side of a press trip as well, attendees - include industry pet peeves/challenges on FAM tours where industry share for the benefit of media - promoted as an opportunity on how to make yourself press trip/fam friendly?

Session #5 – Country Roads: Growing Rural Tourism - How to Capitalize on Modern Media to Drive People off the Beaten Path

Session #6 – Is Storytelling Dead?

Becoming the best storyteller to break through the noise and motivate today's consumer: Storytelling isn't going anywhere, it's how were telling our stories that's changing. Whether you're a media or industry member, you'll walk away with a new perspective of how savvy brands and journalists are leveraging new opportunities to tell better stories through traditional journalism, social media and digital platforms. They'll also learn how to tell better stories, by learning how to apply the question of "so what" into everything they do. We'll walk through some successful national and international storytelling campaigns, share best practices (A top 10 list of what to start and stop doing now), and opportunities to be more creative when it comes to pitching and telling stories.

Session #7 – We are All Treaty People: Working with Indigenous Communities

"Indigenous Tourism and the role in Canada. With a speaker such as Diane Sinclair from ATAC. Looking at Canada's next 150 and the role of Indigenous tourism in Canada, why it matters, how to address protocol, and how to share stories. (Excerpt taken from Kelly's list)

Session #8 – Ignite your Instagram

Participate in a hands-on audit to learn the best tools and tricks to up your IG game.

Session #9 – Media Kit Makeover

Get expert eyes on your media kit for tips and ideas to make it sing! Your media kit is one of the most important pieces in your toolkit--learn what it needs to get brands interested in working with brand you!

Session #10 – Ecotourism: More than a Buzzword

"Eco-tourism is everywhere these days, but how can we know what are authentically sustainable, environmentally conscious efforts, and what is nothing more than greenwashing? Experts weigh in on finding and promoting planet-healthy partners in the travel realm, and beyond!

Session #11 – Make your Media Section Shine

What do media really need on a DMO website? What to include and how to make your "for media" section user friendly for your audience 

Saturday, June 22, 2018 from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Session #12 – Influencer Voodoo and Vetting

Find the Best Fit, No Bull How to qualify social media influencers, bloggers, and other online media? What are some of the ways that DMOs and other industry members are handling this task? Maximizing results with micro influencers After attending this interactive workshop with real world examples, attendees will have the tools and knowledge needed to determine the right mix of traditional, digital and social media for an integrated campaign. They will also learn about tools that will help them evaluate the success of a campaign and how they can evaluate potential partnerships with content creators (bloggers/instagrammers/vloggers).

Session #13 – What Every Editor Wishes You Knew

An Editor's Panel to discuss best practice pitching to gain placement; turn rejected pitch into approved content; why this pitch works; what it takes to stand; tools for success; how industry can support and bolster media pitches, improve reach, etc.

Session #14 – Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am

After you've placed your story, are we finished? Industry examples of repurposing and leveraging the results? Do you reshare via social, post on websites as "in the news", share with the local media, link them in content on your own site?

Saturday, June 22, 2018 from 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Session #15 – National Board Open Mic

TMAC's National Board invites you to ask questions and share ideas about how to make TMAC succeed and grow. Please send questions ahead of time to We will address as many as we can during the session allowing 15 minutes at the end for questions from the floor.