LOCAL TOURS - Thursday June 23, 2022
Get ready to explore Southwest Nova Scotia, our local host destination! This afternoon is for everyone - we're inviting you to embark on a new experience and make memories with your fellow delegates. Our local Host Committee has curated a dynamic and extensive collection of experiences.

Local Tour Delegate List
Every Delegate requesting a Local Tour has received their confirmation of which Tour they will be enjoying.
For a complete list of the Tours and who your touring partners may be, take a look at this Local Tour Delegate (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) list. This will also be on display in the Lobby of the Hotel in case you forget!).

These Local Tours include participation from both media and industry delegates, assigned based on the selections you offered at time of registration and is included with your conference registration.

Local Tour Date: Thursday, June 23
12-12:30: Pick up your Lunch to Go from Rodd Grand Lobby.
12:30-5:30pm: Tours depart/return to Rodd Grand Hotel, local hosts (guides and/or drivers accompany each tour)


  • All tours will depart from the lobby of the Rodd Grand Hotel, Yarmouth at 12:30pm
  • Note that return times may vary depending on the location of the tour. 
  • Bagged lunch will be available for all delegates to be picked up prior to starting tour. 
  • Transportation will vary – some tours are walking distances from the hotel while others will be transported via mini motorcoaches or minivans. 
  • Dress is casual and comfortable for these tours - take note of any additional items you may need to bring along based on your selection.
  • Participants were asked to select their top 3 choices, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We made every effort to accommodate requests, noting that spaces are limited.


    1 . Local Tour #1: Yarmouth Walking Tour


    Take a deep dive into all that Yarmouth has to offer! Make your way to downtown Yarmouth for an afternoon walking tour that will give you a glimpse into town’s history, folklore and legends. Along the way, you'll discover the incredible architecture that marks Yarmouth's heritage district as one of the most unique in Canada. 

    Group Size: Maximum 20
    Minimum Fitness Level: This is a walking tour. Minimal to moderate physical activity and durability required. 

    2 . Local Tour #2: Brewery Tour


    This tour will leave you thirsty for more! The craft beer market continues to grow in Nova Scotia and the part of the province is no exception. Hop aboard the Wine & Beer Tours of Nova Scotia coach for a whirlwind tasting tour of 3 of the area’s breweries and a brand new distillery: Heritage Brewing, Rudder’s Brewery, Tusket Falls Brewing and Boatskeg Distillery. 

    Group Size: Maximum 12 
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low
    Transportation: Via mini motorcoach

    3 . Local Tour #3: Climb Cape Forchu Lighthouse 

    A light like no other! This unique “apple core” lighthouse is the only one in Nova Scotia that can be climbed and has an intact lightkeeper’s dwelling open to the public. You’ll climb 77 steps into the lantern room of this narrow tower all the while hearing some of the history and stories about the surrounding area with plenty of time to take some amazing photos from 123 feet above sea level. While visiting Cape Forchu, before sure to make time for a stroll through the Leif Erikson Park, passing the impressive whale skeleton display, interesting rock formations and stunning ocean views. 

    Group Size: Maximum 10
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to moderate, you'll be climbing the lighthouse!
    Transportation: Via mini motorcoach

    4 . Local Tour #4: Experience Mi'kma'ki: Acadia First Nation 

    Acadia First Nation is one of 13 designated Mi’kmaq First Nations in the province. It encompasses six reserves — the largest of which is the Yarmouth Reserve, which was established in 1887 and considered its central hub. The new TRU by Hilton Hotel is located on Acadia First Nation’s Yarmouth Reserve. 

    This afternoon, you’ll be visiting the Yarmouth satellite gallery of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and spend time with Elder Todd Labrador, from Wildcat Reserve is a member of the Mi’kmaq Acadia First Nation, Kesputkwitk District. Spend some time learning how a traditional Mi’kmaq canoe is built and the history and stories of his experience as a master birchbark canoe builder, crafter and knowledge sharer. You can learn more and begin following him here at Waterdancer’s Mi’Kmaq Arts

    Group Size: maximum 10 
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate
    Transportation: Via mini motorcoach

    5 . Local Tour #5: Instagramable Yarmouth

    Join our savvy Nova Scotia – based instagrammers @daveyandsky as they take you to some of Yarmouth’s most visually appealing spots and share some of their ‘lessons learned’ to help you find your #TMAC2022 magical instagramable moment! 

    Group Size: Maximum 12
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate, this is a walking tour.

    6 . Local Tour #6: Yarmouth Cultural Connections 

    Yarmouth has rich and diverse cultural and historical connections. After all, they have been welcoming people from all over the world for hundreds of years! This tour gives you a peek inside Yarmouth’s historical and cultural preservations including the Yarmouth County Museum, the Sweeney Fisheries Museum, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Firefighter’s Museum of Nova Scotia. 

    Group Size: Maximum 12
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. This is a walking tour.

    7 . Local Tour #7: SUP in YAR 

    No visit to Canada’s Ocean Playground is complete without getting a little wet! Suit up and head out to historic Tusket River for an afternoon of SUP’ing with East Coast Paddle Company. Experience one of the regions storied and historic waterways from the unique vantage point of a stand-up paddleboard. Finish your paddle with a tasting flight at Tusket Falls Brewing. 

    Group Size: Maximum 10 
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. (dress for water activity)
    Transportation: Via mini motorcoach

    8 . Local Tour #8: Daily Dose of Iron

    Yarmouth Links Golf & Country Club is a charming 18-hole golf course offering a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean and a local lighthouse. Established in the early 1800s, the Club features a par-72 (5,897 yards) course with an open links-style layout — providing a true challenge for any golfer with rolling fairways, small fast greens, and unpredictable ocean breezes. 

    Group Size: Maximum 12
    Minimum Fitness Level: Moderate. Minimum 9 holes guaranteed with more if time permits. All equipment provided. 
    Transportation: via mini motorcoach. 

    9 . Local Tour #9: Fisheries & Oceans

    The Port of Yarmouth is a major hub of the fishing industry in Southwest Nova Scotia, which has some of Canada's most productive fishing grounds off its coast. Learn the area’s fishing history by visiting the W. Laurence Sweeney Fisheries Museum, for many years one of the most significant players in the East Coast fishing industry. Go behind the scenes to discover what it takes to get the fish and seafood from the boat to your plate in the freshest format possible when you also visit a local fish plant, cannery and lobster pound. 

    Group Size: maximum 8
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. 
    Transportation: via mini motorcoach

    10 . Local Tour #10: Gourmet Lobster Class 

    Offering more than just instruction in how to boil lobster, the Gourmet Lobster Class will an informative and fascinating look at the biology of lobster, how to choose the best specimens, learn proper storage methods and requirements, advice on the care and handling of live lobster not to mention several ways to prepare it. And of course, much sampling!  
    Join us as we head to Inner Oaks Holistic Approach Experiences in Quinan to meet, Laura Muise, proprietor and food blogger (Laura's Tastes) for this experience. 

    Group Size: Maximum 8
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. A short walk to host facility required.

    11 . Local Tour #11: Tusket Islands Tour

    The Tusket Islands lie southwest of mainland Wedgeport and are full of history on subjects ranging from lobster and tuna fishing, World War II spies, shipwrecks, buried treasure, and much more. Join Tusket Islands Tours, a Parks Canada Sustainability Award Winner, for a historical adventure through the islands full of rich culture and history. Learn how to haul a real lobster trap and see the process that an actual lobster fisherman would go through on a day-to-day basis. Stop on Big Tusket Island and visit the LeBlanc’s own private fishing shanty and workshops. A sample of fresh local seafood chowder, cooked by the captain, is part of the entertainment on the one- hour sail back to the Wedgeport dock. 

    Group Size: Maximum 15 
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. 
    Transportation: via mini motorcoach. 

    12 . Local Tour #12: Region Toujours Acadian (Bilingual) 

    Stop in, sit down and bask in Acadian heritage at this early 1900s seaside village, situated on a beautiful 17-acre site overlooking Pubnico Harbour. Founded in 1653 by Sieur Philippe Mius-d’Entremont, this remarkable community is the oldest Acadian region still inhabited by descendants of its founder. Visit Le Village Historique Acadian de la Nouvelle Écosse which showcases the industrious and joyful spirit of the Acadian people, celebrating a language and culture that has thrived for more than 350 years. Learn the village’s history while exploring the numerous historic buildings such as the original wooden homes as well as the lighthouse and local cemetery. Experience fishing and farming traditions that were practiced over a century ago. Be sure to enjoy hospitality that is second to none while savoring home-cooked Acadian cuisine of “Rappie Pie” at the onsite café. 

    Language: This tour is conducted in both English and French. Participants should be fluently bilingual. 
    Group Size: maximum 12
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate
    Transportation via mini motorcoach. 

    13 . Local Tour #13: Haddock Fishing Experience

    No matter where you go in Nova Scotia, you’ll be hard pressed not to find a menu that doesn’t include fresh haddock! Haddock is a member of the cod family and Nova Scotian haddock are harvested from the cold, clean waters along the coast of the province. Learn more about this succulent white fish when you depart from the Wedgeport Wharf for a fun filled sailing adventure near the picturesque Tusket Islands while heading to the fishing grounds where the catches are better than they’ve ever been! At the end of the tour, learn how to fillet the fish and enjoy a delicious fish fry! 

    *In case of inclement weather, participants will visit the Wedgeport Tuna Museum get a “living wharves” demo by a local fisherman that includes haddock or other seafood samples 

    Group Size: maximum 5
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate.
    Transportation via minivan. 

    14 . Local Tour #14: Historic Shelburne

    During the American Revolution, pro-British refugees founded the port of Roseway, known today as Shelburne. By 1784, the population of this new community is estimated to have been at least 10,000 - the fourth largest in North America, much larger than either Halifax or Montreal, before provisions were terminated and settlers were forced to relocate to other areas of Nova Scotia and Canada. Uncover the historic charm and mysterious past of the area with a guided walking tour of historic Dock Street with visits to the Shelburne County Museum, Ross Thomson House, The Dory Shop and Cox’s Shipyard. Free photo ops of the third best natural harbour in the world included! 

    Group Size: maximum 10
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate
    Transportation via mini motorcoach. 

    15 . Local Tour #15: Barrington the 'Lobster Capital of Canada'

    Southwest Nova Scotia has the largest catches of Canada’s 41 lobster fishing areas, accounting for 40% of the country’s annual catch and 23% of North American landings. Local fishermen pride themselves on harvesting cold-water lobsters with a hard shell. So no visit to this part of the province would be complete without including lobster! Spend the afternoon in Barrington, the Lobster Capital of Canada, touring a working lobster pound, meeting Lucy the Lobster (our local weather prognosticator) and driving around the most southerly tip of the province, Cape Sable Island, with photo ops at one of the many active fishing wharves located around the island. 

    Group Size: maximum 10
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate
    Transportation via mini motorcoach

    16 . LOCAL TOUR #16 – WildAXE Lumberjack Experience 

    Meet World Champion Logroller Darren Hudson for a Lumberjack AXEperience where you will learn the aspects of being a genuine lumberjack such as logrolling, competitive sawing, and axe throwing! The Lumberjack AXEperience is like no other, offering visitors a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience – an exciting blend of outdoor adventure, history, and culture all rolled up in one. 

    Group Size: maximum 5
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate
    Transportation via minivan

    17 . LOCAL TOUR #17 – Coastal Painting Workshop 

    Let your inner artist shine through! Meet June Deveau, a visual artist from Saint-Alphonse, a small village located in the Acadian Shore region of Clare. June’s depictions of Nova Scotia’s landscapes and cultural life are common themes found throughout her work. The inspiration that guides June in her artwork is derived from her attachment to her Acadian heritage and culture and through this workshop, she will guide you as you create your own unique souvenir of Nova Scotia’s coastal scenery by using colour, bold brushstrokes and suttle movement. 

    Group Size: maximum 5
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate
    Transportation via minivan. Some walking may be required.

    18 . LOCAL TOUR #18 – Acadian Walking Tour 

    The Municipality of Clare is home to the largest Acadian community in Nova Scotia where over 75% of its residents speak both French and English. Clare is renowned for its joie de vivre and its vibrant Acadian culture and this will be clearly evident as you learn more about the region and the Acadian culture on a guided walk on the campus and trails of Université Sainte-Anne in Church Point, the only Francophone university in Nova Scotia. Includes a râpure (rappie pie) demo and Acadian language lesson. 

    Group Size: maximum 10
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. Participants will go on a walking tour over uneven terrain.
    Transportation to Clare via mini motorcoach.


    19 . LOCAL TOUR #19 – Diggin For Clams (Bilingual) 

    The Acadians (and the Mi’kmaq before them) have been expertly digging delicious clams along the tide-washed shores of Saint Mary’s Bay for centuries. Enjoy getting your hands in the sand as you learn this age-old art from a local expert.

    Language: This tour is conducted in both English and French. Participants should be fluently bilingual. 
    Group Size: maximum 8
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. Participants will be walking along the beach and in sand during this experience. 
    Transportation to Clare via mini motorcoach 


    20 . LOCAL TOUR #20 – Trio of Foodie Flavours 

    Spend the afternoon with Nova Scotia’s Culinary Ambassador, Chef Alain Bossé, also known as the Kilted Chef. This afternoon is designed for those who truly believe the best way to experience a new place is through local flavours and specialties. 

    1. Learn how to shuck an oyster and sample ways to savour its sweet succulence. 
    2. The Acadian culture is prevalent along the shores of Southwest Nova Scotia and here you find Râpure, commonly referred to as “rappie pie”. It’s the ultimate Acadian comfort food and you will spend some time learning about its history, how it’s made and of course sampling. 
    3. Creamed lobster is a true local specialty. It was created by Clara Harris, a local restaurant owner in Yarmouth for over 50 years ago. It caught on quite quickly and can now be enjoyed at many restaurants throughout the Southwest Nova Scotia. The dish is still relatively unknown outside of this region. Experience it for yourself and learn how to make it for family and friends when you return home. 

    Group Size: maximum 8
    Minimum Fitness Level: Low to Moderate. 
    Transportation via mini motorcoach