2022 TMAC Conference FAQ's

With so many moving parts - and us on the move after everything coming to a halt - we started this Conference Frequently Asked Questions based on questions we have been receiving from Delegates and Members in general. We'll keep building on this, but also remind you that all of these details, and more, are also included and expanded upon in the Conference TABS here on our website.

So let's begin ... June 22 is fast approaching! 

ICYMI the May 12 Conference Orientation Session, you can watch the recording of it here now.

Q: I’ve heard that the Conference is SOLD OUT, is that the case?
A: Yes, we remain in awe - the conference SOLD OUT in March, well ahead of the Early Bird Deadline of April 22! A waitlist was started immediately, and continues to be revisited as cancellations come in. If you are next on the list - media or industry - we'll reach out to you directly with an offer to register for the conference.

Q: Will registration be available onsite at the Conference for NEW delegates?
A: No, due to capacity limitations, pre-registration is required to attend the conference. We are managing the waitlist and extending registration to those on this list as cancellations are received. Access to the conference will be limited to registered delegates only. If you have a colleague interested in being added to the waitlist, please invite them to email donna@travelmedia.ca

Q: How many delegates will be a part of the conference?
A: With capacity limitations reached, we will be a cross-country and international collection of 200 delegates in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia!

Q: Is there a Cancellation Policy?
A: Yes, you can find the policy for the conference here. PLEASE NOTE the deadline to cancel without penalty is Saturday April 30th. There is a waitlist, we appreciate your assistance in notifying us if your plans have changed and are unable to attend.

Q: What time does the event begin on Wed. June 22? When does it end?
A: Opening Welcome is being hosted on the CAT Ferry, tied up at the International Wharf in Yarmouth and begins at 7pm. The conference events conclude with the Awards Gala Dinner on June 25th. The full schedule can be viewed here. 

Q: Is there an airline partner with flight discounts/code?
A: As confirmed in February, we have a discount code for a preferred rate with Air Canada. Details are available on our website, under ‘Conference’ here.

Q: I’m arriving by air, will SHUTTLES between Halifax International Airport and Yarmouth be available?
A:  YES! Our Local Hosts have coordinated/offering a shuttle service between Halifax/Yarmouth for June 21 (limited), June 22 and June 26.
This has been created based on the flight arrival/departure details provided to us by each of our delegates. 
REMINDER: When booking your flights, the shuttle between Halifax – Yarmouth takes 3.5 hours, please allow for this additional travel time. 

Q: If we drive to conference, and the pre-tours (or post vice versa) start in Halifax and end in Yarmouth, what do we do about our cars?
A: On your behalf, we have confirmed a couple options for you with partnering Halifax properties for parking. 
The Westin Halifax has $50/wk parking and Alt at the airport is offering a week-long rate when accompanied by an overnight stay if required.  You can find the details here. 

Q: Media Pre/Post Tours Confirmations – are they available?
A: Tour confirmations were shared on April 11th via email, ahead of the original anticipated date of April 22. Detailed itineraries will be shared in late-May, being posted on our website and shared with participating delegates.

Q: Local Tours taking place on June23, when will we find out what tour we will be on?
A: Local Tour preferences have been received and have been reviewed, all delegates requesting a tour have received their tour confirmations, sent on May 16. For Tour details and a delegate list, please visit Local Tours.

Q: What is the 'Dress Code' for the conference?
A: It depends on the event! Your Welcome Reception, LobsterBASH and Dine Around evening events are casual dress - with 'walk-friendly' footwear. Your local tours are filled with experiences, be sure to dress 'vacation' casual - paying attention to the details offered in your confirmation letter for additional suggestions.

Media Marketplace dress code is up to you, if you have a particular 'persona' you want to reinforce, otherwise it's business casual.
The Awards Gala Dinner is the most formal event of the 2022 Conference. Our decor theme is "Where the Stars Align" certainly does not need you to come dressed in tuxedos and gowns, you are welcome and invited to come dressed for the Awards Gala in a more cocktail party appropriate attire. 

Q: Is there a Host Hotel and partnering hotels with preferred rates?
A: Yes, the Rodd Grand Hotel in Yarmouth is our host property, which is where all our TMAC conference sessions will be held, and will be the base of operations for our conference. We will be the only guests onsite June 22 – 26/22. From an accommodation perspective, while it may change, Rodd Grand Hotel is currently sold out, but our partnering Hotels within Yarmouth have TMAC rates and have availability. You can find all accommodation details here.

Q: Are additional tickets for the Local Hosted evening events available to purchase?
A: At this time, due to overwhelming delegate registration and capacity limitations, we do not have additional tickets available for guests/family who may be accompanying you at the conference. Should this change, notify delegates of the options and possibilities.

Q: Where do we meet up for all the events?
A: The Rodd Grand Hotel is our host hotel, it will be where you'll find the Registration/Information Desk, all Conference Sessions, departure/arrival for all off-site events, etc. If you are staying at one of our partnering hotels, shuttles to/from our host hotel for these events will be available.

Q: Will I need my Delegate Badge at all times?
A: Yes, you'll need to show your delegate badge to enter all events and sessions. From boarding The CAT Ferry to stepping on board the bus for the Dine Around and everything in between, if you do not have your badge, we regret that you will be turned away.

Q: I’m arriving earlier/lingering longer within Atlantic Canada as part of my TMAC Conference attendance (or due to flight schedules!) are there any partnering options?
A: Indeed, our Atlantic Chapter and TMAC partners have offered some options for you. Those received to date are, and those that become available will be, shared here on our website.

Q: When will the MEDIA Travel Grant information be available?
A: Applicable and available only to MEDIA delegates who have indicated they will be applying by April 30th, the 2022 Travel Grant amounts and policy are now available (Published May 20) will be announced in June. Supported by funds from the Host Committee and an allocation from Industry registrations, the amounts annually fluctuate depending on Industry registration and number of applying media. 
Claims are invited between June 27 - July 31, 2022 for review and processing.

Q: Will the PD Sessions be LIVE STREAMED?
A: We have an incredible line-up of speakers and PD Sessions for our 2022 Conference. Sessions will be recorded and made available within a couple weeks following the conference, posted to our National PD section of our website, as we do for all of our PD Sessions. 

Q: What is the dress code for the conference?
A: Business casual with comfortable clothing/footwear for your local tours and evening events, noting you may want a touch of glam and sparkle for the Awards Gala Dinner, the theme … ‘Where the stars align” which just happens to be our host community’s theme!

Q: Is there an official hashtag for the conference?
A: Yes, #TMACYAS … TMAC of course + Yarmouth and Acadian Shores! Please do start using it now in all your social posts about the Conference.

Q: We're interested in Sponsorship Opportunities, are there any available?
A: Yes indeed there remain a few unique Conference Sponsorship opportunities and there remain three (3) TMAC Awards available for sponsorship. Review the package here, and reach out to Jerry Grymek, Sponsorship Chair, ASAP!

Q: Is there a Laundry Facility available/nearby?
A: Yes, there are a couple laundry facilities in Yarmouth:
Milton Coin Laundry (515 Water St, Yarmouth, NS)
K D Wash + Dry Laundry (248 Pleasant St, Yarmouth, NS)

Q: Will we be able to see/access a delegate list?
A: Yes, when you receive your email on may 19 indicating that the Media Marketplace is open for making selections, you will have access to the complete delegate list.


Q: How Many Industry ‘tables’ for appointments will be part of this year’s event?
A: There will be up to 73 Industry ‘tables’, may seem like an odd number, but we’re working within the capacity of our host property. That means there will be 73 appointment taking Industry Members.

Q: When will have the opportunity to begin selecting our request for Media Marketplace appointments?
A: As planned, and shared earlier, we anticipate our Media Marketplace, inviting Media and Industry each to make their selections between May 19th - 27th.  You’ll be notified directly via email when it is opening (email was sent May 19, visit MY TMAC PROFILE tab on our website, look for MEDIA MARKETPLACE APPOINTMENTS tab), so you can make your selections for consideration.
You will be invited to make 30 requests, with up to 24 appointments expected to be confirmed by early June. 
You can find related and most up to date details here.

Q: When is the media marketplace during the conference?
A: As outlined in the schedule, the Marketplace takes place June 23 AND June 24, 8:30am – 12noon. 

Q: Can I bring/give away swag and information as an Industry member?
A: Yes, you can however, please be mindful that most media members will not have capacity to pack items and prefer to be sent follow up email/calls. 

Q: As an Industry delegate, how big is my appointment space and when will I be able to set up?
A: Your media Marketplace 'space' is a 6 foot draped table and three chairs. You are welcome to decorate your space with table top decor.
You will have access to the Media Marketplace to set up your space, 1 hour prior to opening, on June 23 7:00am-8:15am.

Did we miss one of your questions? Pop it over to us at donna@travelmedia.ca and we'll get you the answer!