Meet our newest TMAC Alberta-NWT Media Member Gerry Feehan
Former lawyer turned travel writer & photographer

Gerry Feehan, Q.C. practised business law in Red Deer for nearly three decades years before changing gears five years ago and moving on to something he considers ‘way more fun’ - travel writing and photography.

He is a frequent freelance contributor to the Red Deer Advocate and his tongue-in-cheek website Camping America is at the top of Google Chrome's search engine for “Camping America blogs”. (

Gerry freely admits that his former salary as the senior partner at the largest law firm in Red Deer was a ‘little’ better than the gas money he earns from writing. However, on the flipside, he’s now a much bigger media celebrity in Red Deer.

As Gerry puts it “I’m constantly besieged by elderly admirers at the grocery store - a perk the legal business simply didn’t offer.”

His self-deprecating writing style is fun and entertaining and his remarkable pictures are worth a thousand words.

You may wish to personally welcome Gerry to the TMAC Alberta-NWT Chapter. Here are his co-ordinates.