NOVEMBER 2, 2020 – I am excited to announce that the TMAC Board of Directors has offered an extension of contract to Elizabeth Kerr to act as our Executive Director through the 2022 term. In 2017, Elizabeth was the successful applicant to act as our first Executive Director as we transitioned away from the third-party provider model that the Board of the time did not believe was adequately serving TMAC’s needs. Elizabeth and the then Board entered into a one-year contract with a proviso that it could be extended for a further two years (which it was) if both sides were agreeable to the same terms based on reasonable performance and expectations as laid out in the contract. The financial terms of the contract represented a considerable savings from what TMAC had been paying to the third-party provider. The current contract ends December 31, 2020.

Elizabeth has proven that the decision to move to a dedicated employee whose only commitment was to the best interests of TMAC was the correct one. She has met or exceeded every one of the terms of her job description. With that in mind and given the current state of the travel industry and media due to COVID-19, the Board believes that now is not the time to be making any significant changes in the manner in which we operate.

This new Executive Director contract concludes on December 31, 2022 and membership can expect to see an RFP go out 12 months prior to this contract expiring. This will allow ample time and due process for those internal, including Elizabeth, and external applicants who are interested in submitting a proposal to apply, and for the then Board to process, review, interview and select the successful candidate for the following term.

The Board thanks Elizabeth for her commitment to TMAC, her adaptability through the pandemic, and her relentless dedication to our organization and we look forward to a bright future with her in this role.