While there have been many twists and turns in the road over the last 19 months, one of the most popular and in demand turns we took here at TMAC is the curation and offering of Professional Development Sessions.

Offered monthly, touching on various topics delivered by talented, successful and knowledgable presenters via zoom, we have been gathering, learning and strengthening our collaboration and network among our 300 members.

Under the guidance of National PD Committee Chair, Kattrin Duncan, her committee in partnership with our Chapters, continue to offer a great line up. As a member, these are available at no cost, just one of the many benefits of being a part of the Travel Media Association of Canada.

What's coming up next?
Hot on the heels of TikTok held on October 1st (reference guides are now available online!), here are two more to pop on your radar:

October 28th: Monetizing your Website
Many TMAC members have developed and maintain a website or blog. Some have even successfully monetized this outlet. Whether you’ve made the first steps or not, this webinar will offer concrete suggestions on ways to make your website work for you. 

In this session, guided by our presenters, Yashy Murphy,  Will Tang and Barry Choi, you'll learn:
- How to leverage your blog;
- Basics of Affiliate Marketing; and
- The how to's of sponsored content.

November 15th: Best Practices in Sharing Stories of Indigenous Tourism in Canada
Proudly presented by TMAC National, in collaboration with Prairies + NWT Chapter.
Join Ryan Rogers, Media Manager with Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, to learn best practices on how to write about and share stories of Indigenous tourism experiences across Canada. The session promises to enrich and inspire future writing, while delivering clear guidelines on how to put the learning into practice.

Available to TMAC Members, just another reason why you should be a member, if you're not already!
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