The Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) is seeking applications to secure a host destination for our Conference & Annual General Meeting for 2019; we are also open to destinations that are interested in 2020 and 2021.
The four-day conference (which usually takes place between March and June) traditionally begins on a Wednesday, with sessions and programming offered through to the closing awards and dinner on Saturday evening and departure on Sunday. Additionally, there are three-day media tours bookending pre- and post-conference activities. In recent years, TMAC's average attendance is 190 members; approximately 45% are media and 55% are industry.
By hosting TMAC's Conference and AGM, your city has the opportunity to:

  • Showcase your destination to Canada's best and most active professional travel writers, broadcasters, editors, bloggers, online influencers, publishers and photographers.
  • Receive extensive Canadian, U.S. and international editorial coverage - both short-term and long-term - in print, online media outlets, social media channels, created by leading travel journalists and online influencers.
  • Develop your own one-on-one contacts representing various earned media channels.
  • Host the welcome reception, opening reception, dine-around evening event and the closing gala.
  • Have first choice of TMAC sponsorship opportunities (TMAC will then source all other sponsors).
  • See your destination highlighted on the TMAC website.
  • Be referred to as the premier sponsor for the event, which comes with the privilege of being the exclusive host of major social functions at the conference.We are requesting potential host destinations to provide a detailed letter of intent outlining the following key elements:

We are requesting potential host destinations to provide a detailed letter of intent outlining the following key elements:

Conference Programming

a)     Destination Description

Attractiveness of travelling to your destination. What makes your destination great, unique, interesting and memorable.

b)    Conference Theme

Are you presenting an engaging theme and atmosphere for TMAC's Conference & AGM? How will your destination show value for members?

c)     Proposed Conference Dates

Spring versus summer. Is there a compelling story angle you offer to TMAC's media members to write about when they visit your destination for your proposed hosting dates?

d)    Sample Tours and Experiential Ideas

Do you have tour suggestions or activity ideas for our conference agenda? Are you presenting brief samples and explanations of your tour ideas?

e)     Testimonials and Endorsements

Have you held previous conferences on this scale or organized media visits of this complexity? Please supply samples or references to similar events.

Venue & Accommodation

a)     Accommodations

Suggested quality and affordable accommodation for delegates. Are there competitive rates? More than one hotel option?

b)    Conference Facilities

What options will TMAC have for meeting space? Onsite facilities (e.g. hotel ballroom) or offsite facilities (e.g. convention centre).


a)     Financial Support and Strategies

Demonstration of working partnerships and secured or potential financial support (local, regional, provincial, etc.).

b)    Organizational and Administrative Support

Would there be a dedicated team to facilitate the conference logistics?

Additional factors that will be taken into consideration in evaluating conference proposals will include:


What story angles can you offer to TMAC's media members to write about when they visit your destination? Is there a compelling anniversary, new attraction opening or other motivations to choose your destination as the host?

Green Initiatives

What actions and/or plans does the destination, venues, tour operators, etc., implement?

To better enhance your letter of intent process, we have attached the HOST BUDGET RFP TEMPLATE. This document provides a generic outline of the conference programming and activities, highlighting host destination responsibilities. Please note that costs vary based on destination, venues and proximity to host city. These estimates include a two alcoholic beverages per person per evening but do not include décor, AV and entertainment. If you would like an Excel version of this, please contact Elizabeth Kerr.

Please note that if you are short-listed or selected, you will be responsible for hosting a minimum of two TMAC delegates for a site visit to showcase hotel options, event venues and local attractions.

Important Dates

Friday, March 2, 2018 * Submission deadline. Please provide in a single PDF document.
Friday, March 30, 2018 * Future TMAC Host Committee to review all submissions.
Friday, April 6, 2018 * Short list to be contacted. Site visit to be scheduled.

Please direct all enquiries regarding this hosting opportunity as well as submissions to Elizabeth Kerr.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a host destination for the TMAC Conference & Annual General Meeting. We look forward to reviewing your letter of intent.

TMAC Future Conference Host Committee

Grant Fraser, TMAC President
Tracy Ford, TMAC Secretary
Elizabeth Kerr, TMAC Executive Director