September 20, 2022 

Over the last 16 months, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) have collaborated to support their respective members through the pandemic and elevate the critical role travel media plays in the recovery and resurgence of the industry. 

As the national voice for the travel and tourism sector, TIAC takes action on behalf of Canadian tourism businesses promoting and supporting policies, programs, and activities that will benefit the sector's growth, development, prosperity, and survival.

TMAC is a Canadian not-for-profit association serving industry and media travel professionals. As an organization, TMAC strives for inclusivity, openness and forward-thinking in the ever-changing travel industry environment. TMAC cultivates relationships that result in relevant connections, vast opportunities, and successful outcomes.

TIAC works with Donna Hatt, the CAO at TMAC, and Tracy Ford, association President, to ensure TMAC issues are heard and addressed. Collectively, we have raised our members’ concerns on a national and territorial level and recommended a range of solutions to address challenges.

Earlier this year we were delighted to announce a new partnership between the two organizations which was enhanced with the introduction of the TIAC Associate Membership option. The $25 nominal fee enables TMAC members to more meaningfully engage and collaborate with their tourism industry colleagues.

TIAC’s Associate Membership, is only available through partnership with Provincial and Territorial Tourism Industry Association (PTTIA) and other national sectorial associations.  TIAC Associate members have access to a range of TIAC benefits and can add their voice to national efforts.

"Travel Media Members - print and digital - from travel writers and bloggers to editors, broadcasters and photographers play a critical role in telling our story and sharing our incredible Canadian experience. You elevate the importance of travel, and your stories, messages and podcasts help build confidence in the journey.  We are delighted in forming this new unique partnership with TMAC and welcome TMAC members, encouraging all to become engaged in TIAC initiatives," says Beth Potter, President and CEO, TIAC. "To our many Regular Members who are also TMAC members, we are delighted to continue to offer you exclusive benefits for your valued investment and support of the association."

TMAC is proud to align itself with TIAC. Hatt says "TMAC has always believed that collaborations make us stronger and better. Our members are intimately connected to TIAC members as we share their stories, experiences and voices. Enthusiastically, TMAC members have an insatiable appetite to contribute to the recovery of our collective, national and international, tourism industry. We are professional storytellers, inspiring and motivating Canadians and others internationally, to travel and explore. Our members benefit from TIAC’s leadership, and now with the Associate Membership opportunity, they are able to collaborate more meaningfully." 

TIAC and TMAC will continue to explore collaborations, look forward to working together in the months and years ahead, and be champions for Associate and Regular Membership. 


Donna Hatt, CAO
Travel Media Association of Canada

Beth Potter, President & CEO                                                         
Tourism Industry Association of Canada