Issued May 17, 2023

Today, the Travel Media Association of Canada Award FINALISTS were announced. The annual awards program recognizes excellence in travel writing from among their accredited, Canadian membership across 12 National Categories and four (4) of six (6) Member Voted categories.

Emerging from COVID-19 on assignments around the world, members had a significant volume of work to draw upon for work completed in 2022.  The response to the call for submissions was enthusiastic, and impressive! With the 12 National Categories, nearly 400 submissions had been received from 106 members, published in more than 160 publications/channels. 

Submissions for their Member Voted Awards were equally impressive. Just over 200 submissions were received with voting and judging being completed from April 19 - May 3.

The 12 National 'judged' category results below reflect the independent evaluation undertaken by our accomplished and respected panel of nine judges, including Andrea Rees, Don Genova, Jay McDonald, Magalie Boutin, Pete Heck, Pina Crispo, Rebecca Bollwitt, Ursula Beamish-Mader, and Zane Buchanan. Reviewing submissions against a comprehensive scoring matrix, their approach was through and intensive. Member Voted Awards were reviewed by TMAC members themselves. The BC & Yukon presented awards were judged by Fred Lee, Dr, April Lie, Dixon Tam, Sandra Thomas, Diane Selkirk  and John Geary. 

TMAC acknowledges and appreciates the support of an extensive list of champions for these awards, namely the sponsors. Their support contributes to the success of the program, including more than $15,000.00 prizing. Their commitment to travel media and recognizing excellence in travel media is applauded. 

Winners will be revealed at the TMAC Awards Gala on June 17th in Sudbury, Ontario, as part of the sold out 2023 TMAC Conference & Media Marketplace hosted by Sudbury Tourism, June 14 -18.

Congratulations to all finalists, listed alphabetically, from across Canada and a diverse collection of mediums and platforms. 


Best Canadian Indigenous Tourism Experience Story *NEW*

Best Cultural and Historical Story

Best Emerging and Broadcast Media

Best Food / Drink Story

Best Landscape or Evocation of Place

Best Nature or Environmental/Responsible Story

Best Outdoor Adventure, Sport or Recreation Story

Best People Photo

Best Photo Series*NEW*

Best Spirit of Canada Story 

Best Travel Book *NEW*

Best Travel Website (includes Blogs) *NEW*


The much anticipated Member Voted Awards welcomed the return of our Conference Host Destination Award
along with the TMAC BC & Yukon presented Awards. 

Below are the FINALISTS in each of the categories, noting that our Industry Member of the Year and 
Volunteer of the Year will be revealed, along with all other winners, at the TMAC Awards Gala Dinner on June 17 in Sudbury, Ontario.

2022 Conference Host Destination Award 

Ann Britton Campbell Award

Nathan Fong Memorial Award

People's Choice Photo of the Year Award

The 2022 TMAC National Awards program was curated on behalf of the National board of Directors by the Awards Committee consisting of  Tracy Ford, Co-Chair (Industry), Diane Selkirk, Co-Chair (Media), Rhonda Krause (Media), Erica Hargreave (Media) and Sabrina Pirillo (Media)

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About TMAC:
Rooted in Canada with an international reach, the Travel Media Association of Canada creates a positive space for travel media and travel industry professionals to cultivate relationships that result in relevant collaborative, comprehensive opportunities and successful outcomes to foster and inspire travel.

Founded in 1994, TMAC represents Canada’s most professional and productive experts in the field of travel. The Association currently has nearly  400 members — Canadian writers, photographers, videographers, bloggers and social media curators, as well as highly respected media relations representatives of the travel industry in Canada, and around the world.

Each year, TMAC members gather for an ambitious and wide-ranging annual conference in a new, local host destination. Over 4 days, plus pre/post media tours, they exchange story ideas, explore new destinations and keep up to date on skills, trends and techniques. Most importantly, industry partners are able to showcase their destinations at the Media Marketplace, a scheduled one-on-one networking session that brings together industry and media members. With attendance limited to 200-250, this intimate annual conference nurtures networking for media professionals across  the country.

Recognizing excellence in travel media, the annual TMAC Awards welcomes and celebrates the work of its members. Categories may evolve to reflect the changing landscape and channels of storytelling, but the coveted awards garner national attention for our members, and TMAC as a professional organization.

Media Contact:
Donna Hatt, CAO