At the most recent TMAC National Conference in Sault Ste. Marie, members of the ALBERTA & NWT Chapter re-visited a discussion about the name of its chapter and how it can better serve members who don’t have a regional chapter they can call home.

Working collaboratively with TMAC National, the ALBERTA & NWT Board recently passed a resolution to formally change its name to TMAC PRAIRIES & NWT, and they will be inviting members from Saskatchewan and Manitoba to join their Chapter. This change will formally take effect September 3, 2019 to give us time to update member records and the website.

This is a very exciting initiative and will provide the opportunity for media and industry members from those two provinces to join in regional networking events and activities.

Co-chair Paula Worthington says, “Despite being experts in travel, we acknowledge that the geographical span of our new chapter territory could pose some challenges. So, at upcoming events you may see us leveraging more technology (e.g. Facebook Live) to help deliver great content to our members who can’t join us in person.”