Members Voted Awards

The following awards are welcoming submissions from members in good standing based on the following timeline (noting it may be subject to change):
Awards Submission Opens: March 30, 2022
Awards Submission Closes: April 27, 2022
Round #1 MEMBER VOTING: May 2 - 16, 2022
Round #2 MEMBER VOTING (for Nathan Fog Award if required):  May 19 - 31, 2022
Winners Announced on June 25, 2022 at the TMAC Conference in Yarmouth, NS

For a list of all the categories and their submission forms, please visit TMAC 2021 Member Voted Awards


Independently Judged 2021 TMAC Award Categories!

Submissions OPENED: Jan. 10/22
Submissions CLOSED February 25/22. 
Winners will be announced at the 2022 TMAC Conference Awards Gala on June 25/22

Annually TMAC is pleased to host and curate the TMAC Awards which recognize the very best our association produces in three categories: Written Word, Visual and Written, Visual and Broadcast. The 2021 Awards, presented in June 2022, celebrate excellence for works published in 2021, between January 1 - December 31, with a couple exceptions as noted below.

We encourage all styles of writing to be entered as they will be judged according to criteria that best fits the piece.

Important Deadlines & Dates:
January 10, 2022: Award Submission Opens
February 25 2022: Award Submission Closes
March 2022: Member-Voted Award Submission Opens (exact date TBA)
June 25, 2022: Award Winners will be announced at the 2022 TMAC Conference in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia! 

Sponsorship Opportunity: Be a proud sponsor and champion of one (or more) of the following award categories and enhance your exposure pre, and post-conference and be onsite in Yarmouth in June, presenting your sponsored award at the awards gala on June 25th!
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*2021 Awards 'terminology' Update: As you review all categories, please note the word 'feature' has been replaced with 'story'. This is meant to be interpreted to be inclusive of articles, posts, columns, as well as features. 


Best Cultural & Historical Story*
SPONSOR: Tourism Louisiana

A cultural/historical story may focus on an art form or event, a local custom, or any travel experience that shares historical perspective or sheds light on a specific culture. Story topics can range from Indigenous traditions to a funeral ceremony in Bali, a profile of a historic character to a story about the Klondike gold rush. If your story is about cultural or historic tourism--this is the place.

Best Food/Drink Story*

This category focuses on culinary travel in all its forms. Your food and drink feature article could be about a city’s walking/eating tour, learning about how food is grown, a chef making a difference or a wine soaked week in Napa. If you’re the Anthony Bourdain of the written word in travel, this category is for you.

Best Nature or Environmental / Responsible Tourism Feature
SPONSOR: Destination BC
With a focus on nature, the environment, or environmentally responsible tourism, this category features stories that involve the natural environment or environmental stewardship. Story topics in this category can range from conservation to indigenous flora and fauna, natural history to urban greening initiatives, ecotourism to indigenous tourism. Outdoor activities that are focused on eco-issues such as paddling or hiking in a newly preserved area, or scuba diving or wildlife viewing with endangered species also belong in this category.

Best Outdoor Adventure, Sport or Recreation Story*
SPONSOR: Belize Tourism

It’s the activity itself that’s key to this category. Any soft or hard adventure, sport or recreation feature that brings the reader along with the writer belongs here. From sporting events to canoe trips, sky-diving to hiking, this category should draw stories that come to life, and maybe even get one’s adrenaline pumping.

Best Spirit of Canada
SPONSOR: Tourism Yukon

This category celebrates those stories that bring Canada, its landscape, its cultures and its people alive on the page. This category is wide open and diverse--just like Canada. Submissions should reflect the unique stories that can only happen in Canada.

Best Travel Blog Posts or Column 
SPONSOR: le Maritime Quebec

This category is for those who publish a travel blog or column. Whether it's crafting itineraries, sharing things to see, do and eat in a destination, or telling stories, writings should reflect the author's experience of a place and aim to better the reader's travel experience. If this category fits your work, three examples of the column or blog from the same year must be submitted.


Best Landscape or Evocation of Place
SPONSOR: Tourism Saskatchewan

Whether it’s an interior shot of an intimate bistro, a roaring fireplace in a mountain lodge, a pristine landscape or a bustling cityscape, the perfect image always creates a sense of location – it is an evocation of place. Whatever your criteria for this category, we invite you to submit your best photo that evokes a sense of place – wherever or whatever that place may be.

Best People Photo

People photographs depict an aspect of culture, life or society, as perceived through the image of an individual or group. The person or people shown should clearly relate to a travel destination. The background should help “place” the subject, but not overpower the human aspect of an image.

Best Nature Photo
SPONSOR: Touirsm Newfoundland and Labrador

This category invites images that both celebrate nature and help translate your story of travel through the beauty or action you've encountered along the way. From a macro close-up of frost on a tree or a glorious light-filled rainforest to a well-time capture of wildlife in action or the chance moment when you locked eyes with a mutually curious living species. Show us your connection to nature and images that have played a pivotal role in telling your story.


*NEW for 2021* Emerging and Broadcast Media 

NOTE: Submission for this new Award welcomes works published/created from January 1, 2017 - February 18, 2022.
This is the space to submit podcasts, films, digital video, audio guides, games, immersive media (such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality projects), travel apps, or interactive stories that are in some way connected with travel (inclusive of destinations, culture, natural and cultural history, people and place). Where these exist as a series, we ask you to select individual episodes to submit. We understand that this represents a broad range of forms of media and storytelling, but as we believe it is important to encourage members to begin to experiment with forms of media beyond written words and photographs, we are launching this broader category to celebrate that. As more and more of our members begin to experiment with and create in these different forms of media, we will over time begin to break these forms of media into their own individual categories, once submission numbers warrant that.
Looking for more about what this award is intended to acknowledge and examples of work that would qualify? 
Learn more here.

Best Illustrated Story
SPONSOR: Parks Canada

This category celebrates the best of both worlds with articles that include writing and photography by the same person/journalist. Entries can be from articles published in print newspaper or magazine, digital magazine or other online publication, such as a travel blog or journalism/publication website.