On behalf of the TMAC Board of Directors, thank you to those who were able to attend our 2021 AGM  held on May 26, 2022 at 1pm EDT via zoom. Chaired by TMAC National Board President Tracy Ford, below you will find a recording of the AGM and the Annual Reports.

A recording of the AGM can be viewed here

The TMAC AGM Package, as shared and reviewed during the AGM is viewable here (PDF)

Please join us in welcoming and thanking our 2022-2023 Board of Directors who will take office June 26, following the conclusion of our 2022 TMAC Conference in Yarmouth:

President (second of two-year term): Tracy Ford (Industry)
Vice President (second of two year term): Paul Knowles (Media)
Directors at Large (continuing in second year of two-year term):
Secretary: Judi Cohen
Treasurer: Grant Fraser, (Media)
Jerry Grymek (Industry)
Yashy Murphy (Media)
Pamela Wamback (Industry)
Directors at Large (elected to two-year term, 2022-2024), by acclamation:
Rod Charles (Media)
Mark Stevens (Media)
Wendy Nordvik-Carr (Media)
Pierre Santoni, (Industry )