Guided by the annual plan, the following committees and their volunteers undertake a scope of work to support TMAC in achieving and upholding its Vision and Mission Statements. 

2023-24 Awards Committee (for 2022 Awards)

Diane Selkirk, Chair (Media)
Rhonda Krause (Media)
Erica Hargreave (Media)
Sabrina Pirillo (Media)
Aviva Kohen (Industry)
Donna Hatt, CAO

2023 Conference Committee

Rod Charles, Chair (Media)
Katie Conklin, Vice-Chair (Industry)
Donna Hatt, CAO

Communications Committee

Tania Kedikian (Industry), Chair
Dominic Terry (Industry)
Liz Fleming (Media)
Donna Hatt, CAO

Finance Committee

Pierre Santoni, Treasurer (Industry)
Grant Fraser (Media)
Paul Knowles (Media)
Donna Hatt, CAO

Future Host Committee

Jerry Grymek, Chair (Industry)
Donna Hatt, CAO

Governance Committee

Wendy Nordvik-Carr, Chair (Media)
Tracy Ford (Industry)
Judi Cohen (Media)
Paul Knowles, President (Media)
Donna Hatt, CAO

Sub-Committee Human Resources
Paul Knowles, Chair (Media)
Mark Stevens (Media)
Tracy Ford (Industry)

Membership Committee

Yashy Murphy, Chair (Media)
Maureen Littlejohn (Media)
Richard Piotrowski (Media)
Suzie Loiselle (Industry)
Darby Sutherland (Industry)
Donna Hatt, CAO

National Professional Development Committee

Tania Kedikian, Chair (Industry)
Oksana St. John, Co-Chair (Media)
Robin Karpan (Media)
Kristy Hoddinott (Industry)
Donna Hatt, CAO

Sponsorship Committee

Jerry Grymek, Chair (Media)
Mark Stevens, (Media)
Donna Hatt, CAO

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