Awards Committee

Tracy Ford, Chair
Mark Stevens
Michel Chicoine

Chapter Liaison Officer

Holly Lenk, Chair

Communications Committee

Elizabeth Kerr, Chair (Acting)
David Finn

Conference Committee

Suzie Loiselle, Chair
Holly Lenk, Host
Ayngelina Brogan
Doug McKenzie
Melody Wren

Finance Committee

Mary Tulle, Chair
Grant Fraser

Governance Committee

Dale Dunlop, Chair

Nominations Committee

Anita Draycott, Co-chair
Margaret Swaine, Co-chair

Industry Membership Committee

Minto Schneider, Co-chair
Pamela Wamback, Co-chair

Media Membership Committee 

Judy Hammond
Ursula Maxwell-Lewis
Jennifer Merrick
Chris Ryall

Membership Growth and Innovation Committee

Holly Lenk (Chair)
Ayngelina Brogan
Amy Chen
Heather McEachen
Tracy Ford
Suzie Loiselle
Marc Smith

Membership Benefits Committee

Position Available

TMAC Travels Newsletter Editor

John Geary

Professional Development Committee

Camilla Cornell, Co-chair
Anne Bokma, Co-chair
Brian Cant
Kelly Jessup
Jennifer Mallia

Social Media Committee

John Geary
Leigh McAdam
Tara Nolan 
Jody Robbins 
Jenn Smith Nelson

Volunteer Committee

Position Available

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