Dispute Resolution & Penalty to comply with TMAC Code of Conduct
Updated January 2022

  1. Members are required to bring their concerns directly to the Governance Committee. Members are discouraged from sharing their concerns with other TMAC members to allow due process and Governance Committee and those involved to manage the situation. Not going through the proper channels of process as laid out above is in contradiction to the code of conduct. 
  2. In order to ensure due process and no conflict of interest the President and Vice President may not Chair the Governance Committee. 
  3. This Code of Conduct shall not be used by any Member as a tool to target or harass an individual member, staff member, or contractor with frivolous or unwarranted allegations, or to frequently or unnecessarily involve the Board or Staff in devoting time to such frivolous or unwarranted issues. 
  4. Members shall not act in any way that threatens the organization or damages its reputation, by, but not limited to discouraging membership to or publicly campaigning against the organization.
  5. If a TMAC member has a dispute with another TMAC member whether during a press trip, at a TMAC function or otherwise, both parties agree to make every effort to resolve the matter between them while observing the rules of civility and respect in so doing. If the matter cannot be resolved in this manner, it shall be brought to the attention of the Governance Committee by way of written complaint.
  6. Any behavior or communication by any TMAC member that violates these standards must be reported promptly to the Governance Committee. Copies of any objectionable communications, events, situations, conversations, pictures, videos, letters, notes, emails, or social media posts must be submitted with the complaint. The committee will review and determine an appropriate sanction. Based on the severity of the transgression, the sanction may include dismissal from the Association by action of the Board of Directors.
  7. In extraordinary circumstances, such as suspected illegal activities, gross violations of the TMAC Code of Conduct or for reasonable cause, the TMAC Board shall have the power to immediately terminate a delegate's participation in the activity or event and the matter shall be referred to the Governance Committee. That delegate will be responsible for all expenses incurred for the event or trip as well as his/her/their transportation home.

As a member of TMAC, I pledge to adhere to the Code of Conduct in its entirety. This includes, but is not limited to, my participation in TMAC meeting functions, programs, events and meals, and any TMAC online forum or social media accounts. I understand that failure to conduct myself in a professional manner can be considered a violation of the Code and is subject to review, with possible penalties, as outlined in the Code.