If a TMAC member has a dispute with another TMAC member whether during a press trip, at a TMAC function or otherwise, both parties agree to make every effort to resolve the matter between them while observing the rules of civility and respect in so doing. If the matter cannot be resolved in this manner, it shall be brought to the attention of the President by way of written complaint. Unless the matter is an emergency, such as suspected illegal activity in which case the President may take whatever action is necessary to prevent ongoing violation of the Code of Conduct, the President shall then refer the matter to the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee shall investigate the matter and attempt to resolve the matter, if possible at that stage. If resolution is not possible the Governance Committee shall make a recommendation to the Board as to the disposition of the complaint. The Board, at its next meeting shall adopt, amend or reject the proposal from the Governance Committee. The final disposition may include a caution, a reprimand, a suspension or in the most serious cases, expulsion pursuant to by-law.