Membership is renewable annually on Jan. 1st.
NEW MEDIA Membership:
To start the MEDIA membership application process, click here.

You can access the Media Membership INSTRUCTIONS here. They will also be readily accessible throughout the application process.

Your application will be based on:

  • Two Letters of Reference (see below)
  • Prior Experience
  • Points for Submissions (min 50 points, derived from at least 5 pieces of work)
**Re-Qualifying Media Members**
If you are an existing member and have been notified that it is your re-qualifying year, please proceed to this link, noting you are not required to provide reference letters:



2) NEW EDITOR Membership:

To start the EDITOR membership application process, click here 

Your Editor application will be based on:

1) Two Letters of Reference (see below)
2) Prior Experience 
2) Documentation that you are an Editor 
4) Documentation that demonstrates you assign paid travel articles to communicators.

Key Guidelines

1. Two (2) letters of reference must be provided.
At least one reference must be from a current TMAC industry member with whom you have worked directly.
The other may be from:

  • a travel media professional who is a member of TMAC or another media-accredited association, or:
  • a member of the travel industry profession - a destination marketing organization, business or related for whom you have worked from in the capacity as a travel media professional.

2. You must have been active in the travel industry for the previous two years.
3. For Media Members, you must supply a minimum of five submissions. For books and guidebooks, you will need to supply one submission.
4. You may supply samples of work (words only; images only; both words and images; audio; or video) in any or all of the following Types that meet the minimum criteria: Magazine; Newspaper; Website; Book; Guidebook; Radio; TV; Blog; Vlog; and Podcast.
5. You will receive a maximum of 10 points for each submission. For books and guidebooks, you will receive a maximum of 50 points for each submission.
6. Sponsored content must be identified and will be allocated 25% of the total points.
7. Prospective members who only work within public social platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) do not qualify.
8. All submissions must meet the minimum criteria. All submissions will be scored on up to three different criteria. This criteria changes (in some or all cases) by submission type.

3) NEW in 2023: Co-Creator Membership

Please refer to the full Co-Creator Media Membership Criteria HERE 

This media membership category for travel media professionals who are not employed as individual Travel Media Professionals but rather as a team. Acknowledging that their work is undertaken as a ‘team’ or partners, they co-create and collaborate on their work and have difficulty meeting qualifying criteria individually – in fact it is difficult to separate their work as they create together. This has been particularly evident for those primarily working within digital platforms.

Limited to up to 2 people being named, one serving as the PRIMARY member retaining all TMAC Media Membership entitlements enjoyed by our media members, and the 2nd being named SECONDARY, with limited member entitlements. The secondary must be directly connected to the primary member in the employment as a Travel Media Professional.

The following conditions and criteria apply:

  • The Co-Creators category has been created in response primarily to digital platform travel media who have indicated that they cannot work as an individual and do not own the work as an individual. It is expected that those applying under this category can clearly demonstrate they do not produce work individually, only as a pair or team, as co-creators.
  • Letters of reference acknowledge/reference both Co-Creator individuals named and applying must indicate and specify that they have worked with the co-creators as a team and are unable to perform their work as Travel Media professionals without the other.
  • Body of work provided for qualifying/re-qualifying must reflect/provide confirmation of the two individuals named within the Co-Creator company. 
  • Co-Creators will be required to achieve 100 Submission Points combined for qualifying and re-qualifying.


Before You Apply

Please review the FAQs and the points table to ensure your submissions meet the minimum criteria.

All of this information will be accessible to you online once you start the process.