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You may access the INSTRUCTIONS here. They will also be readily accessible throughout the application process.

Your application will be based on:

1) Letters of Reference
2) Prior Experience
3) Points for Submissions

Key Guidelines

1. Two letters of reference from TMAC industry members must be provided.
2. You must have been active in the travel industry for the previous two years.
3. You must supply a minimum of five submissions. For books and guidebooks, you will need to supply one submission.
4. You may supply samples of work (words only; images only; both words and images; audio; or video) in any or all of the following Types that meet the minimum criteria: Magazine; Newspaper; Website; Book; Guidebook; Radio; TV; Blog; Vlog; and Podcast.
5. You will receive a maximum of 10 points for each submission. For books and guidebooks, you will receive a maximum of 50 points for each submission.
6. Sponsored content must be identified and will be allocated 25% of the total points.
7. Prospective members who only work within public social platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) do not qualify.
8. All submissions must meet the minimum criteria. All submissions will be scored on up to three different criteria. This criteria changes (in some or all cases) by submission type.

Before You Apply

Please review the FAQs and the points table to ensure your submissions meet the minimum criteria.


All of this information will be accessible to you online once you start the process.