Show Your Card and Receive...

Membership in TMAC has its benefits. Thanks to our Industry Members and partners, we are building a library of benefits, 'perks'  that TMAC Media Members in particular can enjoy. 

Over the coming weeks, we will be creating a list that will be published below, and viewable by our members.

Add your offering to the list, complete this form now.


MEMBER-to-MEMBER BENEFITS (as of Aug. 30/23)


  • Parks Canada: FREE Parks Canada Discovery Pass
    Available to Media Members
    Contact: Guy Thériault or Eric Magnan
    Email: OR 
    An annual Parks Canada Discovery Pass covers admission for up to 7 people in one vehicle to more than 80 destinations for 12 months. Get ready for adventure: 450 000 km2 of memories await!
  • Ontario Parks: Complimentary Day Use Pass
    Available to: Media Members
    Contact: Dave Hunt
    Have plans to go hiking, paddling, skiing or exploring some Ontario Parks this year? Let us know and we will provide a daily, seasonal, or annual pass for complimentary day use at our parks.
  • French Proofreading, Translation and Creation
    Available to: Media and Industry
    Contact: Jennifer Doré Dallas
    I am offering members 15% off proofreading, translation and content services in/to French.
  • Amman Food Tours
    Available to: Media Members
    Contact: Lindsay Nieminen
    For any TMACers who are visiting Jordan, please reach out to me and enjoy my food tour at no charge. There is a possibility for a plus one as well (feel free to ask).

(as of Oct 8/23)

SAVE 10% aloSIM (eSIM Travel Data) - Canadian

We've teamed up with Ottawa-based aloSIM to provide TMAC members with a Canadian-based eSIM Travel Data option. 
Offering TMACers a steady 10% discount off their competitively prices data packages, is just the start of the opportunities. 
Easy to Use:
Install an eSIM for each country you visit, and just top it up with more prepaid data anytime you return. aloSIM eSIMs never expire!
    Use code HELLOTMAC at checkout to save 10% on any aloSIM data package, anytime.
  • Free Data:
    Refer & Earn:
    Share your unique code with anyone to give new users $3 off their first purchase, and you’ll earn $3 in aloCASH credit.

    Affiliate Opportunities:
    Ask about exclusive discount codes for your audience
    Expert Interviews:
    Need quotes or background information about eSIM, roaming charges, or using your phone internationally? Just ask!
    Writing about eSIM? Want to name-drop aloSIM in an article? Ask aloSIM about getting free data vouchers for your assignments.
Learn more about eSIM:
Download the free aloSIM app, and reach out anytime via email ( or text (902-901-0662) to chat about ways to work together.

Park’N Fly: TMACers, Park & Save!  

All TMACers are invited to take advantage of our Park'N Fly discount and SAVE up to 20%!


  • Refer to the full Park'N Fly program details here
  • Book your stay on-line at  
  • Reservations Required to receive discounted rates in all seven Park’N Fly Lots Across the country (Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax)
  • NOTE: Reward Points and App not available for our Park’N Fly Halifax.
  • Travellers can earn Aeroplan points, see details here.
  • All employees and members can use our  discount code across the country to save on airport parking for both business and personal travel.

Please visit their website for additional information: