As per the Media Code of Conduct where specifically applicable, plus: 

  • Treat media requests in a professional manner, bearing in mind that media requests are primarily for information, not promotion.
  • Respond in a timely fashion to media requests, whether the response is positive or negative.

With regard to press trips (including participation in the annual TMAC conference), Industry members shall abide by all of the above, plus they shall: 

  • Inform media members at the time they are invited to participate on a trip exactly what expenses are covered and what are not (including gratuities).
  • Provide media members with a detailed itinerary and any waivers to be signed, PRIOR to their commitment to join a trip. This specifically applies to releases guaranteeing the publication of a story, or waiving the legal responsibilities of press trip organizers in case of accidents.
  • Refrain from requiring media members to sign inappropriate waivers regarding activities that are not high risk in nature and would not require a waiver from the general public for participation in a similar activity or event.
  • Specify to media members the expectations of the industry member prior to their commitment to join the trip.
  • Identify freelance writers as such on press trip documents.