About the TMAC 2021 Awards

The 2021 TMAC Awards are OPEN Monday January 10, 2022!

We invite you to share your best work from 2021. Submissions will be reviewed by our panel of judges and the winners will receive cash awards (and bragging rights). The awards submissions close Friday, February 18, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.  

Please review all categories and their descriptions prior to preparing your submission: 

WRITTEN WORD (Published or Posted)

Please note that submissions are welcome in French and English for all written categories. Stories that include a COVID-19 angle are also welcome.

  • Best Cultural & Historical Feature
  • Best Food/Drink Feature
  • Best Nature or Environmental / Responsible Tourism Feature
  • Best Outdoor Adventure, Sport or Recreation Feature
  • Best Spirit of Canada
  • Best Travel Blog


VISUAL (Published or Posted)

  • Best Landscape or Evocation of Place
  • Best People Photo
  • Best Nature Photo


  • Best Illustrated Feature
  • *New* Emerging and Broadcast Media Award


  • First prize for each category: $750
  • Second prize for each category: $300 
  • Third prize for each category: $200



We are currently confirming our Judges for each of the three categories and will update before end of January 2022.

NEW FOR 2022

For all WRITTEN WORD categories:
As you select stories for this year’s awards, we want to acknowledge that many of us continue to have fewer assignments and the work that we’ve done has often had a Covid-19 focus. Rather than having a Covid-specific category (and overloading it)—you’re encouraged to put your stories in the best-fitting existing category. Judges will be advised that some stories may stretch the definition of the categories—but we want to be sure that you can put forward your best work.

Changes in 2022 for the 2021 awards:


  • We have removed: Best Family & Partner Feature. However, you are encouraged to include a family/partner angle for any of the written word categories.
  • Based on past submission history we have changed Best Online Travel Column & Blog to Best Travel Blog. 


  • We have added the Emerging and Broadcast Media category. 


  • No changes have been made to this category. 



  • You may enter as many categories as you like up to ten (10) entries.
  • You may enter up to 2 (two) submissions per category.

Submission Fee:
As part of your media membership benefits, you are entitled to submit your first three (3) entries at no charge.
Please note, there will be a $20 fee for every additional entry for which you will be invoiced after the awards deadline. 

Please Note: Membership voted awards will open and be announced in March 2022.

You will find everything you need under the AWARDS tab on our main menu and below. 

Categories Descriptions for 2021:

Guidelines & FAQ's:

Award Entry Form:

Instructions (Updates Required):