What are the annual dues?
NOTE: 2024 dues are reflected below.
* Annual dues are amortized, 100% until June 30, 50% thereafter.

NS, PEI, NL, NB 15% 225.00 33.75 258.75
ON 13% 225.00 29.25 254.25
AB, BC, SK, MB, QC, NWT, NU, YT 5% 225.00 11.25 236.25




*OPTIONAL for 2024, 2 year Media Memberships!



As you review these FAQ's be sure to reference
the Membership Criteria and Points Table (CLICK HERE)

Is there a fee associated with the cost to joining or re-qualifying?

Membership joining fees are as indicated above. There is no admin fee attached to the re-qual process. Once approved, you will be invoiced for your membership.

When is the new member application due?

A new member can join at anytime. Dues will be pro-rated based on January 1-June 30 (100%) or July 1- December 31 (50% rate),

What is re-qualification and when is the re-qualification application due?

Once you become an accredited media member of TMAC, every three (3) years you will be required to re-qualify, meeting the requirements of a new member. This has been and continues to be a means by which to validate and maintain the high level of integrity we uphold with our accreditation. This remains integral for our association, to our industry members and for media members among their peers. 

Re-Qualification is required for all members who are in their 3rd year of accreditation. This will be undertaken by the membership committee in November typically. Re-qualification is required prior to being eligible to renew for the following calendar year. 

You will not be invoiced for your membership until you have re-qualified. Your current membership will stay remain valid until January 30, of the following year. After re-qualification is completed, you are eligible for membership renewal. If you do not renew by January 30, your membership will be considered expired. If, for whatever reason, you require more time due to prior commitments, please let us know.

Who reviews and approves applications for membership?

On behalf of TMAC National, our Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing each application for membership within TMAC. Overseen and supported by TMAC's CAO, the committee, consisting of both Media and Industry Members who are trained in the application criteria and application evaluation process, applications are typically reviewed and recommended within one week of submission. 

How many points do you need to join/re-qualify?

Media Members: 50 minimum
(New as of Fall 2023) Co-Creators Members: 100 minimum

What is the time period to be used for joining/re-qualifying?

NEW & Requalifying Members:
Joining TMAC as a new member in 2023 will permit anything up to 24 months prior to the date of submission.

Do new media membership criteria have to be voted on during AGM?

No. Applications and re-qualification applications are reviewed by your peers who serve as 'Reviewers' on our volunteer TMAC Membership Committee. Following the guidelines and criteria as outlined in the points table, your application and submissions will be verified prior to approving accreditation. 

How is a submission calculated?

All of the calculations are performed automatically while completing the forms. For each Type of Submission, there are minimum criteria and three measurable, scoreable criteria. Scores are awarded based on the points chart. 

Example # 1:

Magazine • Words and Photos
Circulation: 50K = 5 Points
Word Count: 1000 = 1 Point
Photo Count: 5 = 5 Points
Raw Total = 11 Points
Final Total = 10 Points (Maximum Total per submission is: 10)

Example # 2:

Blog • Words and Photos
Circulation: 50K = 5 Points
Word Count: 1000 = 1 Point
Photo Count: 5 = 5 Points
Sponsored Content = Yes
Raw Total = 11 Points
Final Total = 2.75 Points (25% of Total Points)

NOTE as referenced in the Points Table:
For books and guidebooks, your maximum is 50 points for each submission.
Films/documentaries receive a max of 20 points each.

What does Monthly Frequency mean on the Points Chart?

Monthly frequency applies to the number of times a website (or blog) is updated to demonstrate the “activity” of the site. It does NOT apply to the number of times a joining/re-qualifying member has to post on that specific site. This will be made clearer in directions and on the site.

Can one Story/Article/Video etc be used more than once to count towards the minimum of 5 submissions required?

No, unless it has been significantly altered. Among the minimum of five (5) stories/articles/videos required, a single submission can only be used once within an application or re-qualifying. Specifically, if you have a published piece in print and it is unaltered and reprinted as a digital in one or more channels OR additional print outlets, the original submission (story/article/video etc) is eligible for use once, for up to a max of 10 points. The same submission, published in additional locations/channels is not eligible to be counted more than once in your application or re-qualification.

Does the joining/re-qualifying members have to be paid for work included?

YES, except for those submissions on platforms you personally own/control - but the expectation is that you are being compensated through some form for your work (could be site advertising).

What does Website mean on the Points Chart - and does it include Blogs?

An online site that has travel content published frequently by a variety of authors, not just by joining/re-qualifying members. This can be on self-published websites (which includes blogs) or Third party websites (which includes blog).

What does Sponsored Content mean on the Points Chart?

Sponsored content is material in an online publication which resembles the publication's editorial content but is PAID for by an ADVERTISER and intended to promote the advertiser's product.

May I submit content created for a brochure?


May I submit content created for Trivago’s online magazine?

Yes, if the piece was truly unbiased and was paid for. We will be adding a Type for Magazine – Online/Digital. This Type of Submission will be added and scored similarly to a Magazine – Print submission.

Do contributions to annual guide books count? 

This type of Submission will be reviewed and added, if it is considered unbiased content. If so, this Type of Submission will be scored similarly to a Magazine submission.

Are Guidebooks and Revised editions eligible for points?

Yes, refer to the Points Table for details but as long as your book has an ISBN# Points as indicated are available, noting Revised Editions receive 50% points. You must be the author, or the principal author of the book/guidebook for it to be eligible. If you have a story (s) within the 'book' you can submit your 'story' as you would an article, reflecting the word count, photos, distribution, etc. 

May I submit content created for a travel app?

This Type of Submission will be reviewed and added, if it is considered unbiased content.

What are UMV's, Listens and Views?

These are Unique Monthly Visitors to your website, Third Party site you are published on or your Vlog, pulled from your analytics.
Listens are the number of times your Broadcasted Radio or Self-Published podcast has been streamed/listened to, pulled from your analytics.
Broadcasting TV or Web-Series 'views' are the number of views indicated in your analytics.

Are individuals producing content only on Social Media channels eligible for Membership?

Points in this category supplement long-form content (traditional/digital/blog). Applicants who only work within public social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok) do not qualify for membership. For the purposes of your application or re-qualifying, when you submit your work for qualification, you can accumulate up to a maximum of 10 points derived from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. 

Does Emerging Media in the form of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality qualify?

We want to be open to new forms of media and support members engaging in these formats. While we do not have a points structure in place for submissions, as indicated in the points table, if you have a project that you've completed within the past two years, we invite you to reach out so we can consider it.  

I'm a volunteer with TMAC, am I eligible to receive points towards re-qualification?

Yes, as indicated in the Points Table, at the end of the document, you will see Volunteer Points, it is one aspect of our National Volunteer recognition program. There is a MAXIMUM cumulative 10 Points permitted for re-qualification submission years.
Current year is prorated at follows: serving as a volunteer 6 months or more claimed at 100%, if under 6 months claimed at 50% point values.

What can Self-published and Social Content Creators use to qualify for being compensated?

As a self-published  (paid or unpaid) sponsored content, must be identified and will be allocated 25% of the total points. Sponsored content is the same as advertorial, and is defined as content created as part of a contract where payment received is directly from a brand. NOTE: Content created outside the contract is not considered sponsored and will be awarded full points. Receiving payment from a publisher or editor is not sponsored content." Anyone can still use sponsored content to qualify, it'll just be at a reduced percentage (25%). It just means they have to submit more articles - and they can submit as many articles as needed to qualify / re-qualify.

Blog • Words and Photos
Circulation: 50K = 5 Points
Word Count: 1000 = 1 Point
Photo Count: 5 = 5 Points
Sponsored Content = Yes
Raw Total = 11 Points
Final Total = 2.75 Points (25% of Total Points)


If a destination has paid someone to do a tv segment and that person now does a story on national tv...would that be considered sponsored? What if the destination has pitched the tv station on behalf of the person?

If the person was paid for the second tv segment, it is sponsored.

When someone does a radio segment and was not paid by a brand or the station, that wouldn't qualify - correct?

Correct, this does not qualify, as they do not own the platform.

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