Member-Voted & Chapter Awards for 2024:  TBA

The following information was for our 2023 Member Voted and Chapter Awards.
This will be updated in 2024 ahead of the opening of these categories. 

Anticipated Timeline for 2024 Member-Voted and Chapter Awards:

  • OPENING: March TBA
  • CLOSING: March/April TBA
  • WINNERS ANNOUNCED: June 15, St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador during our 2024 TMAC Conference & Media Marketplace


Thank you to everyone who has submitted or nominated for these awards.

Please review the submission details below and complete the form provide. Winners will be selected as outlined and announced at the 2023 TMAC Conference Awards Gala on June 17 in Sudbury, Ontario.

TIMELINE For Submissions 
March 1, 2023: OPEN for submissions
April 3, 2023 at 12:00pm EDT: CLOSE for submissions

Member voting for People’s Choice Photo of the Year will take place April 19 – May 3, 2023.

Winners will be announced at the TMAC Conference during the Awards Gala in Sudbury, Ontario on June 17th.


Please note that the 2022 Awards are presented in 2023 but are based on work performed/completed in 2022, unless otherwise specified.

Q. Do nominees for Volunteer and Industry Awards have to be members of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) or can they be anyone?
A: Nominees must be TMAC members whose membership fees are fully paid for 2023 BEFORE submissions are eligible to be submitted.

Q. Can I nominate myself or does someone else have to nominate me?
A:  For ALL Award Categories as the member, you can only submit your own work for consideration - no one can submit on your behalf.
*EXCEPTION: Industry Member of the Year and Volunteer of the Year which are nomination based, by someone other than yourself.

Q. Do my entries have to have been published?
A: YES and NO. 
People's Choice Photo does not have to have been published - Industry members are not published as Media are, and are invted to submit.
For the Written categories, the entry is subject to our Media Membership Criteria. Submissions  must have appeared in a publication or digital posting between January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022, unless otherwise stated.

Q. Can I re-enter a submission that did not win in 2022 but was published within the time period?
A: No.

Q. I have a story or image that I'd like to submit for one of the 12  National 'JUDGED' Award categories, but would also like to submit it for one of the 'MEMBER VOTED ' categories - can I?
A. YES! The 12 'Judged' Awards are separate from the Member Voted/Chapter Awards and therefore you are able to enter a piece of work in each category of awards - the same story/visual or a different one. AND if you have submitted your maximum of 6 entries in the Judged Awards, the Member Voted/Chapter Awards are considered separate and therefore you are eligible to submit.

Q. I reached my maximum of 6 submissions in the National 'Judged' Award categories, am I permitted to submit under the Member-Voted Categories?
A. YES! The Member-Voted Awards are considered separate from the National Awards, please do submit, based on the entry limitations associated and described below associated with each Award.

Q: How do I submit my entry(ies)?
A: Please use the online 2022 TMAC Awards Entry Forms below.


People's Choice Photo Award

Do you think that photo you snapped catches the essence of travel, will wow the masses and is an image that fills you with pride and satisfaction? Do you think the rest of us will agree? Then give it your best shot – literally – and submit it in this category.

TMAC members will get a chance to agree or disagree in this photography category - when they cast their votes!


  • This award is open to both media and industry.
  • There will be no entry fee for this category.
  • Submission limit is ONE (1) Entry per member. Any submissions above and beyond the first submitted will result in disqualification.
  • Photo must have been taken within 2022 but does not need to meet the minimum criteria set for the TMAC Awards.
  • You can use an image that you have already submitted for the Judges Awards.

All submissions will be voted on by the membership April 19 - May 3. Voting will determine the five (5) finalists, and the subsequent 1st, 2nd and 3rd place which will be announced that the 2023 TMAC Conference Awards Gala on June 17. 

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is presented to an outstanding TMAC member, in good standing, who has demonstrated an instrumental role as a volunteer, including dedication, leadership and commitment to service and support of the association.

The award will be presented annually and the volunteer can be nominated by members of TMAC, with the final selection being made by the National Board, upon review of all the nominees.


  • This award is open to both media and industry.
  • There is no entry fee for this category.
  • Association: Nominee is a champion for TMAC and a positive representative of the association.
  • Commitment: Nominee is reliable and demonstrates a strong commitment to the association and its mission.  This nominee must be worthy of such a recognition.
  • Duration: Nominee has been a member of TMAC for at least 12 months.
  • Impact: Nominee makes a significant impact on the work TMAC does.
  • Leadership: Nominee takes initiative to create professional development opportunities, foster industry connections, propel TMAC in an effort to be more inclusive, open or forward-thinking and contribute to the general management of TMAC as a professional organization.
  • Uniqueness: There is something unique about the work the nominee does, the way they do it or their overall attitude that sets them apart from other volunteers.

Industry Member of the Year Award

Based on TMAC’s Mission Statement, this recognition goes to an industry member showing through their work with media members, that they are a trusted resource who cultivates positive relationships, who is highly respected in the travel industry and is a true professional and productive expert in the field of travel. This person demonstrates their commitment to TMAC and its objectives as a volunteer or in their day-to-day work with pride. As champions of travel media, they seek out and facilitate partnerships and collaborations within TMAC, as well as within their destination, business or organization. Through their efforts, it is clear they acknowledge and value the impact of travel media and our members within the tourism industry.

The Industry Member of the Year Award is presented annually with industry member nominations coming from among TMAC membership. The final selection of the Award recipient(s) will be made by the National Board, upon review of all the nominees.


  • Nominations for Industry Members are welcomed from both Media and Industry members.
  • There is no entry fee for this category.
  • Association: Nominee is a TMAC Industry member and a true professional who has contributed to the organization as a trusted resource.
  • Commitment: Nominee cultivates positive relationships and is highly respected in the travel industry. This nominee must be worthy of such a recognition.
  • Duration: Nominee has been a member of TMAC for at least 12 months.
  • Impact: Nominee’s submission will be based on a testimony of a work experience, such as a press trip, during the conference or simply by providing information to help produce an article.
  • Leadership: The Nominee fosters collaborations and partnerships that increase demand for and engagement of TMAC travel media members. They are recognized and leaned on by TMAC as an organization and as members, and others. As the individual being named as a TMAC member, acknowledges and values the role travel media plays in inspiring travel, as storytellers.



As a media delegate of the 2022 TMAC Conference & Media Marketplace, we invite you to submit your stories – created and shared on any platform/communication channel - about your experiences while in Yarmouth & Acadian Shores region. Work published between June 2022 to submissions deadline of April 3, 2023 is welcome.

These submissions will be shared with our Host Destination for their review and selection of the winner, with the winner being announces on June 17th at the Awards Gala.


Nathan Fong Memorial Award

The annual Nathan Fong Memorial Award  is sponsored by TMAC B.C. & Yukon Chapter
This award, in memory of long-time TMAC member Nathan Fong, was created to raise awareness and highlight the many contributions Canadians of Asian descent have made to Canada.

Stories submitted for this award can be inspired by anything from the best places to eat in Chinatown, to historical places of interest, to modern-day attractions, culture, festivals, unusual distilleries, chef profiles, and more. The stories must include both an Asian and Canadian connection. 

All forms of media storytelling are welcome in this category from written word to podcasts, video, immersive and interactive media.

All submissions will be provided to the BC & Yukon Chapter for review by their judging panel. Winners will be announced during the Awards Gala in Sudbury, Ontario on June 17th. 

Submission Guidelines/Criteria: 

  • Submission timeframe for this award welcomes works published/created from January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022. 
  • TMAC Members may submit up to 2 entries. Any submissions above and beyond the first two will be disqualified.
  • There is no fee for submissions.
  • Please note this award includes cash prizes:
    First Place: $200
    Second Place: $100
    Third Place: $75

Ann Britton Campbell Award 

This annual memorial award is sponsored by BC & Yukon Chapter in partnership with Kent Campbell and Family.
This new annual award in memory of Ann Britton Campbell is to celebrate the many ways that travel can deepen the bonds between family members and provide lasting memories. This feature story could be about anything from the lessons learned on a family’s first hiking trip, to a multigenerational sailing journey to an adventure in a new country. If your written story combines family, in its many forms, and travel—this is the place for it.

All submissions will be provided to the BC & Yukon Chapter Judges Panel for review, narrowed down to the top five. The finalists will then be forwarded to the family of Ann Britton-Campbell for selection of the winner.  The winner will be announced at the TMAC Awards Gala in Sudbury, Ontario on June 17th.

Submission Guidelines/Criteria: 

  • Submission timeframe for this written award welcomes works published/created from January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022. 
  • Members may submit up to 2 entries, any submitted above and beyond the first two will be disqualified.
  • There will be no fee for submissions.
  • Award Prize: $500