September 12, 2023 – Bridgewater, Nova Scotia - The largest gathering of Canada’s most influential and accredited Canadian Travel Media will be held in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador in 2024, from June 12-16. Taking place in the organization’s 30th anniversary year, the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) foresees this will be one of the most anticipated and memorable events for its members. It will be the stories they’ll pen and produce as a result showcasing the province, that will be the true legacy of the association’s visit.

Announced earlier this year at the 2023 TMAC Conference & Media Marketplace hosted in Sudbury,
Ontario, delegates erupted in applause, dancing to the jig that accompanied the announcement.

TMAC President, Paul Knowles, a travel media professional from Ontario, says the association is thrilled to be returning to St. John’s. “We had the privilege of being welcomed by Newfoundland and Labrador in 2004 when we celebrated our 10th Anniversary. Returning 20 years later, we look forward to bringing our members together for our 4-day conference in St. John’s, and the media tours that will bookend the event.”

Rooted in Canada with international reach, TMAC hosts its annual conference in a different destination, bringing together members to experience the area, strengthen relationships, and contribute to the region's tourism economy. Among its accredited travel media members are tourism industry media relations professionals from across Canada as well as international destinations, businesses and organizations who want to work with Canadian travel media.

Different from typical conferences, while the program includes professional development and networking, TMAC hosts its Travel Media Awards Gala and Media Marketplace. More than 2,800 appointments are expected to take place over six hours, generating opportunities for destinations, businesses and attractions to work with travel media to promote their offerings.

Included in the conference are opportunities to experience the destination, intimately. Local Tours and evening events hosted in landmark venues, are combined with pre and post media tours which will result in hundreds of articles and stories, in print, digital and broadcast channels.

While the impact of their 2023 conference is being monitored, to date, the 2022 event hosted by Yarmouth & Acadian Shores in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, has already resulted in more than $1.2 million in media coverage for the destination, contributing to visitation to the region. The potential of extensive, international, media coverage is one of the most significant motivations for destinations to host TMAC’s conference.

Destination St. John’s was awarded the conference following a call for proposals. CEO, Cathy Duke, says "Destination St. John’s is very excited to see the return of Tourism Media Association of Canada’s (TMAC) Conference & Media Marketplace to St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador June 12th-16th, 2024. As proud hosts of TMAC on its 10 Anniversary 20 years ago, we are particularly thrilled to once again open our doors to all attendees on TMAC’s 30th Anniversary. St. John's promises an unforgettable urban experience while connecting with nature at your doorstep. Engage with the locals and expect the unexpected in our world class cuisine, our arts and music scene, and our many natural and cultural attractions. You’ll have a unique experience you won’t soon forget. We eagerly await your arrival!"

Knowles says plans are well underway. “Curated together, TMAC works closely with our local host destination, and their partners. In the case of St. John’s, we appreciate Cathy and her team, and appreciate how we are being embraced by the province as well. Given Newfoundland and Labrador’s reputation, nine months from today as we kick off our event, we will definitely honour our 30 years together, and know we’ll leave inspired for years to come.”

The Honourable Steve Crocker, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Minister of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation says, “I’m thrilled that we will be hosting the 2024 Travel Media Association of Canada’s Conference & Media Marketplace. Our beautiful province has made quite a name for itself as a premiere travel destination with exquisite sights, cultural abundance and adventures galore. We look forward to welcoming Canadian travel media to St. John’s, especially during TMAC’s 30th anniversary. I guarantee it will be a milestone anniversary you won’t soon forget.”

Attendance at TMAC’s Conference and Media Marketplace is exclusive to its membership of accredited and respected travel media professionals and tourism industry media managers. 2024 will be the largest gathering in the 30-year history of TMAC, while remaining intimate and very personal, with attendance capped at 250 delegates. Registration opens February 1, 2024 and is expected to sell out within days.

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Media Contact:

Donna Hatt, CAO
Travel Media Association of Canada