2024 TMAC Conference FAQs

With so many moving parts - and us on the move after everything coming to a halt - we started this Conference Frequently Asked Questions based on questions we have been receiving from Delegates and Members in general. We'll keep building on this, but also remind you that all of these details, and more, are also included and expanded upon in the Conference TABS here on our website.

So let's begin ... June 12 is fast approaching! 




Q: Is the 2024 TMAC conference sold out?
A: Yes! Even with an increase in capacity for both media and industry, the conference sold out. Please email christine.painter@travelmedia.ca to join our waitlist or with any inquiries.


Q: Are there Media Pre and Post-Conference Tours offered in St. Johns?
A: YES! Destination St. Johns and other Tourism Entities across Newfoundland and Labrador are offering a unique collection of Pre-and Post Conference Media Tour experiences for our Travel Media delegates to select from. Confirmation of your tour, if you are participating, will be provided after registration closes. This will be followed by a detailed itinerary to assist you in your preplanning. 
NOTE: Media are only allowed to go on EITHER a pre OR a post tour - no one media can attend both.


Q: Is there a preferred airline with a discount code for travelling to and from the St. John's TMAC Conference?
A: Yes! Air Canada is our preferred airline partner. Please use promotion code Q26GZJK1 in the Promotion Code Box. 


Q: How do I choose both pre AND post tour options in registration or after registration?
A: We didn't make this part a seamless one, but we have some instructions to help you choose both pre AND post tour options here


Q: What is the deadline to have our pre and post tour options chosen?
A: February 26, 2024


Q: Are there different airport arrival destinations for Pre-Tours?
A: YES! Arrival airports differ based on the Newfoundland pre-tour. You can see specifics here.


Q: Are there different airport departure destinations for Post-Tours?
A: YES! Departure airports differ based on the Newfoundland post-tour. You can see specifics here.


Q: When does conference registration open?
A: February 1, 2024, 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time. 


Q: Is the TMAC Conference & Media Marketplace limited to TMAC Members only?
A: YES! Our annual Conference and the Media Marketplace are exclusive to TMAC members only. Your membership must be paid in full prior to registering for the conference. 


Q: I registered as an Industry Member with a Secondary Member. What do I do now for my secondary?
A: Please log in and click on the Conference tab. In the red box on the right-hand side, you will see Register a second delegate. Click that, and then find the name of the person you registered, which will then populate the necessary information. Once that is done and saved, your second delegate can now log in on their own to complete the rest of their registration process, such as filling out local tour and PD session preferences.


Q: My partner and I are both writers looking to register. How does this differ from folks who are travelling solo?
A: All people need to register as individuals - there is no spousal program. If you are hoping to be on the same pre and post-tour, please indicate that when you register.


Q: My partner and I want to share a hotel room.
A: All TMAC members looking to attend the 2024 conference book their hotels separately from the Registration Link, and are free to book whatever room type that works best. Here is the hotel booking page with media and industry booking links. 


Q: Are families/children allowed on the pre and post-tours or at the conference? 
A: No family or children can come on on the pre and post-tours nor at any of the conference-related events.


Q: Why is the Conference in St. Johns?
A: The honour - and responsibility - of hosting our annual conference is determined by those who respond to our Call for Proposals. St. John's had been selected as our 2024 Conference Host. 


Q: I’ve heard the Conference SOLD OUT quickly last year, is that the case?
A: We are anticipating the conference will sell out in St. Johns as it did in Sudbury and Yarmouth. Registration is OPEN Feb. 1st, with the DEADLINE being March 6th. 

Should we SELL OUT we will immediately start a waitlist and revisit this list should cancellations comes in.


Q: What is the delegate capacity of the 2024 TMAC Conference & Media Marketplace?
A: 240 delegates in total. 100 spots for Media, and 140 spots for Industry, noting the Media Marketplace has capacity for 80 Industry Appointment Tables. 


Q: Will registration be available onsite at the Conference ?
A: No, due to capacity limitations, pre-registration is required to attend the conference. Access to the conference will be limited to registered delegates only.


Q: Is there a Cancellation Policy?
A: Yes, you can find the policy for the conference here
PLEASE NOTE the deadline to cancel without penalty is Saturday April 30th, or the date upon which we Sell Out.

Q: Local Tours taking place on June 13, when will we find out what tour we will be on?
A: Local Tour preferences are requested at time of registration, and are included in your registration.
After registration closes, request will be reviewed, assigned and confirmed with you.

We will add a link to the tour options here when they become available.  


Q: Are there Evening Events?
A: Indeed, our local hosts at Destination St. John's and their partners have curated a dynamic event schedule for us, which is included in your registration.

You can explore these events, including our Awards Gala here when they are available.  

Q: What is the 'Dress Code' for the conference?
A: It depends on the event! Be sure to review your tour itineraries and dress accordingly. For the conference sessions themselves, business or casual dress. Media Marketplace dress code is up to you, if you have a particular 'persona' you want to reinforce, otherwise it's business casual.
The Awards Gala Dinner is the most formal event of the 2024 Conference. 


Q: Is there a Host Hotel and partnering hotels with preferred rates?
A: Yes, the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland is our host property, which is where all our TMAC conference sessions will be held, and will be the base of operations for our conference. We will have taken over the majority of the hotel June 12 -16. You can book at the hotel preferred rate outside of those dates if you need some more time on either side. More information here


Q: Are additional tickets for the Local Hosted evening events available to purchase?
A: At this time, we are limited to delegate registrations. Should this change, we will notify delegates of the options and possibilities.


Q: Where do we meet up for all the events?
A: The Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland is our host hotel, it will be where you'll find the Registration/Information Desk, all Conference Sessions, departure/arrival for all off-site events, etc. If you are not staying here, you will need to be at this hotel for shuttles to/from events.


Q: Will I need my Delegate Badge at all times?
A: Yes, you'll need to show your delegate badge to enter all events and sessions.



Q: Is there an official hashtag for the conference?
A: Yes, #TMACNL30. Please do start using it now in all your social posts about the Conference.


Q: We're interested in Sponsorship Opportunities, are there any available?
A: Yes indeed there remain a few unique Conference Sponsorship opportunities and TMAC Awards sponsorships. Here is the package.
Reach out to Jerry Grymek, Sponsorship Chair, ASAP!


Q: Will we be able to see/access a delegate list?
A: Yes! You can expect to have a full delegate list when the Media Marketplace opens in May. 


TMAC 2024 MEDIA MARKETPLACE - FAQS to come soon!


Did we miss one of your questions?
Bring it to our Conference Information Session on February 16th!
Thereafter, pop it over to us at christine.painter@travelmedia.ca and we'll get you the answer!