Annually, the Travel Media Association of Canada honours excellence in travel media with the TMAC Awards.

Although the Awards are presented at the annual TMAC Conference, during the Awards Gala, it is important to note that works submitted by members, are from the previous year. There are three components to the TMAC Awards. 

  • TMAC Awards which are categories judged by a panel of independent judges; and 
  • MEMBER VOTED Awards which are categories submitted to the membership for voting.
  • CHAPTER SPONSORED Awards which are categories sponsored by a chapter, for which TMAC collects submissions, but transfers the submissions and judging responsibilities to the Chapter Board for their own review and decision process.


Submissions for these Awards will be welcomed via the TMAC Award Submission Form here on our website as follows:
NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, work submitted must have been published in 2022.

Opening: Tuesday January 10, 2023
Closing: Monday February 20, 2023
*Jan. 13th Awards Information Session: WATCH THE RECORDING NOW

TMAC Member Voted Awards & Chapter Awards:
Opening: March 1, 2023
Closing: April 3, 2023
(See details here)

We invite you to share your best work from 2022. Submissions will be reviewed by our panel of judges and the winners will receive cash awards (and bragging rights). 

IMPORANT LINKS all located under the AWARDS TAB:


Please review all categories and their descriptions prior to preparing your submission.
NOTE: There have been changes for this year, scroll to the bottom to see these highlighted.
We encourage all styles of writing to be entered as they will be judged according to criteria that best fits the piece.


Please note that submissions are welcome in French and English for all written categories. 

  • Best Cultural & Historical Story
  • Best Food/Drink Story
  • Best Nature or Environmental / Responsible Tourism Story
  • Best Outdoor Adventure, Sport or Recreation Story
  • Best Spirit of Canada
  • NEW  Best Self-Published Travel Website (includes blogs) 
  • NEW  Best Canadian Indigenous Tourism Experience Story 



  • Best Landscape or Evocation of Place
  • Best People Photo
  • NEW Best Photo Series


  • NEW  Best Travel Book
  • Emerging and Broadcast Media Award



  • First prize for each category: $650
  • Second prize for each category: $400 
  • Third prize for each category: $200



We are thrilled to introduce you to our Judging Panel. (TBC)


Awards Clarification:
As you review all categories and consider your body of work, please note some of the changes that have been made. These also reflect the adjustments made within the revised Media Qualification Points Table and criteria.We  invite and welcome you to submit your stories within the category that you feel best suits your story topic/subject matter. the word

  • 'Story' is meant to be interpreted to be inclusive of articles, posts, columns, as well as features - digital or in print, unless otherwise indicated.


WRITTEN WORD changes for this year to take note of:

  • Best Travel Blog Posts or Column has been removed
  • NEW Best Self Published Travel Website (includes Blog) has been added
  • NEW Best Canadian Indigenous Tourism Experience Story has been added

VISUAL changes for this year to take note of:

  • NEW Best Photo Series has been added



  • NEW Best Travel Book has been added
  • Best Illustrated Story has been removed



  • You may enter as many categories as you like, up to 6 entries.
    3 are complimentary (free), those submitted above the 3 will be subject to a $25 fee. You will be invoiced for this following the close of the Awards. If you submit more than 6 stories, those submitted above the 6 will be disqualified and removed from the Awards.
  • You may enter up to 2 (two) individual submissions per category.
    Any additional submissions above and beyond the maximum of 2 will be disqualified and removed from the Awards.
  • You may only submit a story once, choose and place your story in the category you best feel it fits within.
    If a submission in and of itself is submitted more than once - it will be disqualified from the Awards, being removed from the Awards.
  • Submissions made for previous Award years are not eligible to be submitted within the current year Awards, unless otherwise noted.

You will find everything you need under the AWARDS tab on our main menu and below. 

JUDGED Award Categories 2022:

Guidelines & FAQ's:  

Entry Form:

MEMBER VOTED Award Categories: