Hello, fellow TMACers!

Be sure to ATTEND the Media Marketplace Orientation on Monday, May 6th at 5:30 pm EDT. RSVP NOW!

As you know, all delegates to the 2024, 30th anniversary conference have been invited to complete our initial media marketplace choices. The media marketplace registration is open until Tuesday, May 14, at 11:45 p.m. EST

I am writing this because I notice – as have others – that some delegates have very incomplete bios on our website. If your information is not complete, it makes it very difficult for delegates to choose you for a marketplace meet-up! 

For industry, this means identifying and elaborating on your company and destination – especially if you are from a multi-destination company, but representing only one destination at conference. I notice some bios that tell a lot about the person, but very little about the destinations you represent; more info on this will help media make informed choices.

For media, this means being up to date with your interests and your outlets, and providing a current portfolio, if possible. The more detail, the better, so our industry members can make their best choices.

Please give some attention to this; it will ensure that our media marketplace is as effective and useful as possible for all who participate.

Paul Knowles
President, Travel Media Association of Canada


To access MEDIA MARKETPLACE and make your appointment selection 'invites' from the list of available delegates, please follow these steps:

1) LOGIN to our TMAC website.


3) Look for, and select, the MEDIA MARKETPLACE APPOINTMENTS tab on your MY TMAC PROFILE (PAGE).

4) You will see the list of delegates. Media will see Industry Members, and Industry will see Media Members. Begin to SELECT the delegates you want to have appointments with by clicking INVITE. To deselect a delegate, click on DELETE Invitation.

5) Once you have made your selections, go to your EDIT tab. Here you will be able to review your selections and re-list them in order of preference. Simply scroll/click over the “☩" to the left of the name and drag the bar up or down.
*NOTE: If you have selected more than 30 invites, be sure your top 30 invites are within the list of the first 30. Those listed beyond 30 will not be referred to. For example if you extend 40 'invites' only the first 30 will be used to generate your maximum of 24 appointments. 

11:45 pm EDT May 14
You can EDIT your invites until the appointment 'INVITE' phase ends at 11:45 pm EDT May 14. You will not have access to this page again until after May 22nd.

7) Appointment Schedule Announced: May 22nd (subject to change).
Your appointment 'INVITES' will be reviewed and sorted using an algorithm based on your pre-specified priorities. These are matched as follows:

  • 1st Round: Perfect Match - Industry and Media requested appointments with each other are 'scheduled' first. 
  • 2nd Round: Industry invites to media not already confirmed, will be 'scheduled' based on agenda availability.
  • 3rd Round: Media invites to industry not already confirmed, will be 'scheduled' based on agenda availability.

On/around May 22nd you will be notified that your Appointment Schedule is available for review. 

8) Appointment Schedule Changes Phase: May 22nd -May 31st
Your Appointment Schedule can be reviewed and amended by you until May 31st, 11:45 am EDT. You can decline 'INVITES' and extend new ones based on your schedule availability during this phase, until noon on May 31st.

9) On June 3rd, you will be notified  that your MY TMAC PROFILE page is populated with a MEDIA MARKETPLACE SCHEDULE tab which will include your initial confirmed appointment schedule of up to 24 appointments. This will serve as your official appointment schedule.

7) Appointment Schedule Changes/Invites after June 2nd
After June 2, you are in control of your appointments, determining fit. Keeping or declining the invites are up to you based on interest and fit - based on your availability within your marketplace schedule. You can manually do this at any time. Invites sent and accepted/declined will be between yourself and those you have invited. Please note, your schedule can still be updated and is viewable online at all times. You will be able to print your final schedule for your reference as well to have on hand at the conference. 

REMINDER: The MAXIMUM number of appointments you can have is 24.
If you did not secure an appointment with a delegate you had hoped, be sure to reach out to them directly, it may have been that their schedule did not have availability. Our Conference takes place over four (4) days with plenty of opportunities to connect at breaks, events, during meals, etc. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Christine at christine.painter@travelmedia.ca.

Friends, it is important you understand two things:

First, you don't have to make all your choices on day one.  You will be able to make your choices and make changes within the time window.  But you must make your appointments before the designated deadline. After selections are made and the data is entered, appointments are created by a computer algorithm. 

Second, be advised that WE WILL NOT under any circumstance be able to create appointments or make changes after the closing date. 

More information will follow and remember, we have a FAQ page if you need an answer to a question.