Is this your first time to the TMAC Conference? 
Would you like a “Buddy” who will act as your TMAC ambassador to guide you through everything TMAC at the conference? If so, let us know now!
A TMAC Buddy will:
• Reach out with an email introduction prior to the conference
• Arrange to meet with you at the Welcome reception on the first evening
• Answer burning questions you have about TMAC
• Guide you in networking with other TMACers you would specifically like to meet
• Introduce  you to TMAC members to kickstart your new network 
Are you willing to be a Buddy to a first-timer?
Do you remember your first time attending. Would you not agree that a Buddy would have paved the road for you.
Once we receive the list of first timers, we will try to match you with a Buddy as soon as we can. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can match you.

To want a buddy or volunteer to be a buddy, please contact as soon as possible so we can match you up.