On Monday September 13, TMAC members are invited to join President Tracy Ford (Director of Public Relations, Chelsea Hotel) as she welcomes TIAC's CEO, Beth Potter, for a timely, interactive, and informative (Zoom) session to explore the State of Canada's Tourism Industry and the Federal Election.

As a member and partner, TMAC continues to maintain close communications with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada(TIAC). Our members rely on and contribute to a vibrant and sustainable tourism and travel industry, our partners at TIAC continue to work towards this goal - and you, our TMAC members, have a role to play in the recovery of our travel economy, during and post COVID-19.

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, TIAC, the National Voice for the Tourism Industry, has been on the frontlines advocating for support and survival of the Visitor Economy and its full suite of sectors.  They have elevated the challenges and issues facing our hardest-hit industry and maintained the media narrative on tourism pandemic concerns.

During this webinar, TIAC President and CEO, Beth Potter will share an industry update, the value of grassroots advocacy during the federal election and how you are a critical component in creating change and growing confidence in travel through engagement.

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) welcomes and looks forward to the opportunity to connect with our TMAC Members through this webinar.

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