The Annual General Meeting of the Travel Media Association of Canada will be held on Thursday, June 17, at 1 p.m. EDT.
The meeting will be held virtually, via ZOOM.

The full meeting package, including Agenda, minutes of the 2020 AGM, annual financial and auditor's statements, and reports from the President and all committees, is available here for your review and reference in advance of the meeting.

Housekeeping Note: 
Please note, voting on motions will be done in realtime during the AGM via raising of your 'virtual' hand. 


1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Approval of the Minutes of the 2020 AGM, June 30, 2020
3.0 Financial Report

4.0 Election of Board of Directors
All seven open positions for the 2021 Board of Directors have been filled by acclamation, therefore there will be no balloting for board of directors' positions. A motion to accept the slate of officers will be entertained.
2021 TMAC Board of Directors includes:

  • President (two-year term): Tracy Ford
  • Vice President (two year term): Paul Knowles
  • Directors at Large (continuing in second year of two-year term):
    Darcy Rhyno                     Jami Savage               Guy Thériault
    Directors at Large (elected to two-year term):
    Judi Cohen                       Jerry Grymek              Kattrin Duncan                      
    Yashy Murphy                 Grant Fraser                Pamela Wamback

5.0 Reports (Included within the AGM Package for your review)

  • President's Report, Tracy Ford
  • 2021 Conference Report, Guy Thériault
  • 2020 Awards Committee Report, Tracy Ford
  • Membership Committee: Jami Savage & Monica McNeil
  • Human Resources Committee: Darcy Rhyno 
  • Governance Committee: Jami Savage
  • Future Host Committee: Jerry Grymek
  • PD National, Kattrin Duncan
  • Chapter Reports:
    - Prairies Chapter: Noelle Aune
    - Ontario Chapter: Rod Charles
    - Atlantic Chapter: Pat Lee & Ayngelina Brogan
    - BC & Yukon: Ursula Maxwell-Lewis

6.0 Q & A

7.0 Adjournment

Thank you, and see you at the AGM, June 17th!

~Paul Knowles, Secretary, TMAC